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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Musical fibs

The epitome of "Cool Britannia" was the handshake between musician Tony "Ugly Rumours" Blair and the leader of millions, Liam "Our kid" Gallacher* at a champagne reception in Downing Street.

Who can forget the use of D-Ream and "Things can only get better" as the theme song for the Labour 1997 election campaign? Look out for it being revived by the opposition at coming elections.

How cool for Tony to listen have U2 as his favourite band, and listen to the Foo Fighters and Coldplay at home. And seminal 70's hair band Free. And REM.

2/1/07 * This may be Noel: I've never been big on Oasis.

Oh yes, and Frank Sinatra, and the Darkness and whatever band will fit the perceptions of the questioner.

Now it is revealed that he not ashamed enough his musical taste to claim both Cliff Richard and Robin Gibb amongst his "heroes" (sic), and next year? Well the bookies seem to be able to guess.

My only question is, given the quantity and eclectic mix of music he claims to like how does he ever find time to be Prime Minister? Perhaps his faux obituary gives some clues.

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Anonymous said...

I'm more interested in if he will try and sneak this PS3 into the UK when he returns from holiday.

As (a) Sony have banned exports of the device between territories and (b) it'll exceed the goods allowance, I'm hoping Customs and Excise will have a good rummage through his baggage at the airport.