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The truths they don't want you to read....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Barra fishermen sold out

It is a disgrace that a Marine SAC has been imposed on the area South of Barra, against the wishes of the fishermen.

The site was already being preserved and looked after by the fishermen, but now their livelihoods have been significantly affected, by a decision that was flagged up as having been taken before the Government started the assessment process.

Indeed, the proponents of the designation were the very ones who undertook the "independent" assessment, and reported back to Government.

Nice work if you can get it, as SNH now stand to get extra funding to protect the seabed from ......?

Of course, this was a process started and controlled by the Scottish Government; overseen by the Scottish Government; and only run under EU rules.

This point was previously conceded by our elected representatives only under great pressure for the Barraich,but let's not let that stand in the way of a series of faux-angry press releases which promise no action what so ever.

Roll-on the empty wilderness of the Western Isles where humans won't get in the way of "conservation".

BTW: Cllr Manford's views might be quite interesting.....


Anonymous said...

The same situation arose when the SPA ( Special Protection Area )
was imposed on crofters from Barvas to Ness a number of years ago. No consultation took place then.

Anonymous said...

Uh actually there was consultation and the grazings committees get a not insignificant amounts of money as a result of the designations, and fare much better under the SRDP schemes than non designated areas.

thenamesGerard said...

...and there's more to come.

I have no doubt that no East Mingulay is in the bag SNH will refocus one the proposed Sound of Barra SAC.

The Government are also commited to a further round of new (not required by anyone bar the Scottish Government) marine designations.

I wonder where thy will find them?

thenamesGerard said...

So they didn't even hesitate to come for the Sound of Barra!

Another slice of our economy slides into SNH control. They now effectivley own land and sea from South uist to mid Barra.