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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Interest rates

3% a cut of 1.5%!?!

Just how bad are things, and why are they not letting us know just what is going on?

Some anecdotal evidence reaches me about the state of the economy with mainland businesses undertaking suicidal pricing which is having a detrimental impact on local traders. If that is heading our way, then it is much, much worse than I feared. The Bank of England minutes from today will make interesting reading.

The markets have reacted by not reacting, indicating it might not be enough of a cut. Unbelievable as that might sound.

The advice from today - cash is going to be king over the coming year, and those without cash, no matter how profitable the business is, will be in trouble.


Anonymous said...

see my comment on obama!

Anonymous said...

5pm and not a tracker rate to be found. Thats the thanks we get for bailing them out

Anonymous said...

BBC news latest 22.01pm :- "nine out of 10 UK people are happy, a government-funded survey says" Mmmmmm wonder if government funded had anything to do with the results --NO