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The truths they don't want you to read....

Saturday, March 07, 2009

I so hope this is true......

I was told this third hand a few weeks back, and I wanted to speak to the apparent first hand source before putting it in the public domain.

My recent posting about the Scalpay factory has attracted much comment from people with an obvious inside track on the matter, and some with a considerable degree of animosity towards the proposal.

This blog has attracted the wrath of Marine Harvest a a consequence, so much so that I am told that it was the subject of discussion at the recent Scottish Board/Management meeting.

A number of the attendees were so irate about the matter that they suggested hacking into the blog to find the identities of those who are making the comments. No seriously!

Look guys, the names or email addresses aren't stored in my blog. If you were trying to find the mole/a mole by feeding misinformation, then forget it as my lips are sealed about the person in Marine Harvest who told my source first hand, as well as everything else.

Coincidentally, someone tried to reset my three different passwords at 2:32 am this morning. The IP log shows unusual activity around that time which seems characteristic of an attempt to hide a trail. Still, I'll keep it as evidence should I ever need it.


LazyChicken said...

Thanks for the tip-off, Angus, they tried to crack my password at exactly the same time too.

Anonymous said...

Play your cards right Angus and turn them all in. You could get a splendid feed of smoked fish (and I don't mean haddock), gratis, free, and absolutely for nothing.

Do you think that they have cool boxes in the boots of their cars for this kind of thing?

Surely this cannot be true?

Christmas could be very good on Scalpay this year and maybe even better in Sandwick Road.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely incredulous. I wonder if it was hot smoked with Cajun spices, or if it was just plain old cold smoked? The Cajan stuff can be a tasty treat if it isn't too dry, but you don't want it overly oiled either, especially if the smoker is using palm oil. An absolute treat with stir fried veg and Uncle Ben's easy cook rice.

I don't suppose that it was the Lochmuir brand that was up for grabs but possibly just as tasty.

Anonymous said...

Try it with a sliced cucumber salad dressed with olive oil and fresh dill. New potatoes and a horseraddish and sour cream sauce.
Cook your own rice 10.20am. Uncle Ben's has far too much salt.

Catering available for wedding's funeral's, bar mizvahs, Comhairle junkets and brown envelopes. Ooops!

Anonymous said...

This doesn't surprise me in the least - "the King & I will leave no stone unturned"

But they can't defend the indefensible.

Anonymous said...

The 'Bisto Kids' know no limits and as long as the wheels stay on the gravy train they will keep stoking the fire until it finally hits the buffers.

What about 'Casey Jones'? Well I guess that he just keeps steaming and a rolling until his contract comes up for review!

What next, we've seen Lighthouse hit the buffers and bounce back onto the track. Now the Norwegian gurus are telling us to sell our Marine Harvest shares. Has somebody loosened the bolts to the track ahead? Hopefully old 'Red Rock' will save the day.