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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, July 05, 2009

School holidays

After a week of quality time with the children, what have I learned?

Our eldest can eat three breakfasts and still be hungry again by mid-morning - all without adding an ounce to his skinny frame

Our middle has no fear of water - dangerously so - but has almost learned to swim

Our baby doesn't like couscous and is scared of a donkey braying.

Only another five weeks to go.....

(all of which explain the reduction in postings)


Hairy McLairy's mum said...

School holidays? Madness on a stick, especially for single parents trying to earn a living. I've learned that my house now has a poltergeist, who in 5 days has:

- Unwound an entire toilet roll for its gerbils to eat the cardboard core
- Destroyed three large cardboard boxes
- Pulled apart two new ink pens
- Eaten the contents of two fridges
- Spent £86.23 at the Sports Centre

Needless to say, none of my three school-age children were involved.

Anonymous said...

At least with the Sports Centre closed on a sunday because someone was (allegedly) nailed to a tree two millenia ago, there's one day every week where your kids can't deplete your bank account :-)

Anonymous said...

from a childs's point of view....the most boring time of year, your mum is decorating, dad's at work the whole time and where are you? stuck at home with nothing to do but tidy up.