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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Disco Taxi

As the schools were closed on Friday, the family have all been away getting reacquainted with the cities and seeing relatives.

Last night must rate as one of the most bizarre endings to an evening that I have ever had.

Grabbing a cab, we should have been topped off by the loud rock'n'roll coming from the vehicle as it turned to pick us up.

As we got in and drove away, the driver tuned on the internal disco lights - think the long strings of multi-coloured lights that run around a room. Or in this case, around the inside of the cab.  The entire inside.

The kids loved it and when asked by the driver if they wanted the music higher, they yelled in approval.  You couldn't hear yourself think above the music and the kids whooping it up.

We had to stop at an Oddbins - emergency supplies! - and as the boss collected a nice bottle of White Rioja, the kids were being serenaded with "White Lightening" from the Grease soundtrack and being encouraged by the driver to get up and dance in the cab.  Which they duly did.  The look on the faces of the kids who parked next to us was wonderful.  Embarrassment mixed with disbelief.

The staff in the Oddbins were asking what the noise was, and the boss blithely commented "My taxi", and exited with the vino, as if it was an every day event.

All in all, it nicely rounded off a day which saw us almost gatecrash a wedding in which the bride arrived at the ceremony in an utterly outrageous pink stretch hummer limo.

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