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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Interdependence or independence?

As Alex Salmond backtracks furiously on THE key SNP policy, I though it important to take soundings locally before putting anything into the blogsphere.

I had a fairly good idea what the reaction was going to be, but I really underestimated the levels of disillusionment, cynicism and disgust that I was subjected to.

I think it might have been a combination of the economy, the likely cuts and the opinion polls, but I had my ear bent.

It would be easy to say 'the honeymoon is over' but that really doesn't reveal the scale of the disappointment that the SNP supporters and activists have over their party's performance.

One very long-serving active supporter described the SNP Government as 'just as bad as all the rest' and expected Labour to win clearly next year, both locally and nationally.  They were not prepare to take any part in the next campaign.

Another prominent activist was looking glumly into his beer and wondering just what the point of his membership was.  He expected the SNP to retain this seat, but in opposition, and that the past three year were utterly wasted.

Both believed that the SNP Government should have gone for a referendum, which they believe would have been lost, as it would have given the party a focus.

I'm broadly in agreement with both these views, except that if the list of likely Labour candidates that I have seen doesn't fill me with great expectations.  I suspect I may have been sent an incorrect list, deliberately, as my information is that Labour have recovered from recent defeats and are building a new campaigning structure from the grass-roots up, which has the virtue of being inclusive.  The rebuilding carries with it a lot of very adverse baggage from Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, and if the candidate I consider to be the most likely is selected, then they are still going to have a mountain to climb.

Conversely, the candidate most likely to be successful  is the very one that they must not select, if they want to avoid the islands looking like incompetent hick idiots.

The local SNP are disillusioned with Alex Salmond and our local representation, especially over the side-lining of Independence as a policy, and whilst the polls might suggest a big swing to Labour, I don't think that the local swing is anywhere near the national average.  At the moment.

I think the October budget cuts might just prove to be the tipping point.  And so do the despondent SNP supporters.


Quiet Scot said...

I wouldn't be too despondent. The political map of Scotland has definitely changed under the SNP. Independence/Fiscal autonomy/Devolution max is not longer seen as extreme, and it is only a matter of time before it comes in some shape or form. The Tory, Labour and to a lesser degree Liberal parties in Scotland have to achieve greater autonomy within their party machinery to maximise their relevance and attractiveness to Scottish voters. And don't be under any illusions that the results of the last UK election will be replicated here at the Scottish elections. Voters are not stupid, and their voting intentions are tempered by the probability of the party or candidate actually winning (viz Liberals disappointing final showing last time round). We all realise that our electoral system favours smaller parties here, and so ends up being more representative. I would be very surprised (and very disappointed) if labour took an absolute majority at the next election. And I would actually not be in the least surprised to see the SNP hold their own. Maybe the Greens will increase their presence to hold a balance of power!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. seems someone is spinning a web of porkys

your story has no credibility whatsoever - go and try to find a name of any SNP member who is disillusioned and ask them to declare it publically.

Do you honestly expect New Labour to walk into Bute House when they have Iain Grey at the helm? Hes even more hopeless than McConnell!!

Anonymous said...

Go on then, who is on that list?

Anonymous said...

did anyone seriously (and I write as a SNP supporter) expect ANY government that has been in for 7?8? Years to be whiter than white?! Angus, I'm confused, are you seriously saying we were better of under Labour?!

Be real, even a Liberal party is sure to disappoint you eventually if you believe all its spin. The best we can hope for is they are not quite as bad as the other lot.LS

Ex-member said...

I think Angus might have been talking to real SNP members, rather than the brown-nosers of Bayhead who are replying here.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the number one policy - an independent Scotland, was not even debated openly once they came to power...

Bizarre in the extreme, if I was daft enough to support the SNP I would be disgusted with Salmond. Arrogant to the point of self destruction.

Dr Evadne said...

I don't know about anyone else but a rather badly timed leaflet from none other than A. Allan MSP has sailed through my letter box as if on a magic carpet. Wafted in on angel dust it states that he welcomes the opportunity that he has had to to respond to the Scottish Government's consultation on the draft referendum bill. And so it goes on with him being pleased that everyone will get a chance to have their say.

Someone is going to get a bollocking for sending this out, or maybe it wasn't a mishtake at all?

Anonymous said...

Dr E

You paid for that load of shite, printed and publiched on the mainland and dropped through your door at your expense.

Only £1,000 per week in tax free expenses for that arsehole? Value for money or what?