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Sunday, September 12, 2010

A fraud investigation stopped?

I am hearing repeated stories about a major fraud investigation in the islands (and beyond?) launched by Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

Basically, it appears that capital projects were deliberately wrongly certified by the building contractors and other parties, as part of a wider scheme to exploit the grant system.

After the investigations started, it appears that one small inter-linked group was identified as being key to the investigation and details were passed to the Police.

It is being reported that HIE have since withdrawn the fraud claims, following 'discussions' with the parties, and that the whole system is being accepted as being fundamentally flawed. This means that no 'fraud' took place as the HIE controls were so poor as to be utterly useless. As I warned in a private email to senior HIE officers some years back.

The same names keep coming up, and if anyone has more information, especially about times and locations about the lobbying business discussions between a representative of the builders and one of their major clients, then please email me directly.

I am particularly interested in capital projects that came in at double a realistic budget on which 35%+ grant was paid, and credits subsequently issued.

Any comments that identify particular firms or individuals will be not be allowed under any circumstances, for obvious legal reasons.

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