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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Barra-Benebcula air service

As the Council cuts begin to bite, difficult decisions have to be taken, and I think we all appreciate that, but to vote to remove the Barra-Benbecula air service is a serious blow to the economy of Barra.

It also raises questions about the focus of the Council - is it looking after the islands and inter-island travel, or is it just provide exit routes from the islands?  And, as importantly, what message does it send to the Scottish Government about the priorities.

And with Barra Airport having just been described as one of the top 10 inspirational airports to land at in the world.

This decision can only serve to undermine the viability of Benbecula and Barra at a time when our connections need to be protected.

I understand the meeting was quite fractious, and the Chair and Vice-Chair were overruled in their recommendation to keep the service.  Interestingly the MP finds himself screwed over by a prominent "I'm not a member of the SNP" Councillor, who had personally pledged full support for the Barraich, before voting for removal.

Nothing ever changes; and such is the measure of the man.


Anonymous said...

I have an idea.

The Comhairle should reveal the names of the persons who caused the finance tender for Sgoiltean Ùra fiasco. These people should then be forced to cough up the money that the whole debacle cost the authority.

If the cost to the Comhairle is £211,000 annually as reported, the sum recovered would subsidise the Barra-Benbecula route for another year.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm a Stornoway resident. I don't use the link to Barra - or at any rate, I'm not likely to. But I would fight to all sorts to keep it going. They're part of the community.

It's the cost, after all, of only a couple of senior Council managers.

Anonymous said...

Well said 8:04!
I agree with both statements, and I bet we could all think of several members of the Council management team we would be much better off without.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it marvellous having the coonsillor for the Barraich as the Chair of Transportation. First we nearly lost the air service altogether. Then we lost the reliable connection Barra-Stornoway by giving one contract to a different company (Hieland Coo Airways), ensuring that if either flight was delayed the other would not wait and you were stranded in Benbecula. Now we have lost the connection completely. Next he seems to want to route our mainland connection through Mull to Oban or through Lochboisdale to Mallaig.
With friends like these....