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The truths they don't want you to read....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Minister resigns

It was inevitable, wasn't it.

As soon as Alex Salmond professed his "complete confidence" in the Minister, it was time to clear the Minister desk, and hitch a lift in the Ministerial Mondeo, before the country goes all snowy again.

I bet the Met Office didn't forecast that did they?

(With apologies to Private Eye)

Farewell then, Stewart Stevenson
Your career wouldn't have been derailed
If the trains had been running.

You read the forecasts
to the MSPs
in their mind-numbing entirety
in lieu of making a statement.

Unfortunately, that was still
than the rest of your performance
as Minister.

EJ Thribb 17 1/2 feet down in a snowdrift in Perthshire


Anonymous said...

Bit like football managers, really. As soon as the Chairman of the Board expresses his complete confidence in you, it's time to pack the golden Boots.

Anonymous said...

First Class Performance & Response- when I heard him saying that on the car radio the other night I could not beleive it and thought he was jiggered.
I once looked up his "declaration of Interest - he had 500000 (half million) RBS shares.

ferrylouper said...

Does this mean we'll now get the air discount scheme extended to ferries?

Anonymous said...

Not like he made the weather bad. Hard done by I would say

Dr Evadne said...

So...could Alex Salmond have complete confidence in the Dynamic Duo that we have here?

When oh when are they going to make a concerted effort about fuel prices here. How can diesel cost more than 15p a litre than the rest of mainland Britain? It makes my blood boil!

Anonymous said...

Ferrylouper- I thought RET was a pretty good discount??

Anonymous said...

Keith Brown? Why do the SNP keep overlooking our very own Alastair Allan for promotion? He was not even considered for the post of transport minister. Surely as one of Alex Salmonds most trusty lieutenants he would have been the obvious choice. I'm puzzled. What on earth is preventing this able young man from climbing up the political ladder? Could it be something toxic about Allan the SNP hierarchy want to hide?

Anonymous said...

I doubt we see no change. The SNP pork barrel of RET will continue to go to the west; no chance of any concessions for the north although we might get to keep the ferry that Stewart Stevenson was seeking to move to Ullapool.

Anonymous said...

Re - Dr Evadne

This article tells us a little about what Mr Salmond thinks of the dynamic duo.

Anonymous said...

I was trying to recall just who Eck's glowing encomium of Stewart Stevenson reminded me of and then it came - Richard Nixon's praise of his rottweilers Ehrlichman and Haldemann as 'the finest public servants it's been my privilege to know'. So 5.06, just how could Alastair Allan hope to live up to that?

Ferrylouper said...


Yes, RET is marvellous on short routes. Stornoway and the Uig triangle have benefitted tremendously. But on Oban to Castlebay or Lochboisdale it is only 20p less than the previous 6-journey. In other words, there is no difference, other than that we don't have to buy a 6-journey ticket to get the price, and that the tourists now pay the same as the residents. The quality and spending power of the visitors has now dropped perilously low, and their visual and traffic impact has increased exponentially.

And more importantly the cost of rolling RET out to the rest of the ferries in Scotland would be prohibitive, especially when the increase in traffic (and resulting requirement to buy more ferries) is taken into account.

I would far rather see the subsidy directed at the target resident population than paid out to the ABC1s who like to holiday in the islands. I am as delighted as the next man to see them here and I hope they will continue to be made most welcome, but they should not be subsidised. If a subsidy were to be applied to tourism (and I am far from convinced that it should) it should be given to those tourism operators who faithfully stay open all year rather than creaming off the summer profit and going off to Spain for the winter.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It’s not often I agree with the Tories - but their analysis of the Nats' bungling “first class” meenister is bang on. David McLetchie said Alex Salmond and the SNP simply "don’t do humility”. Of course it wasn’t the hapless Stevenson;s fault that he didn’t understand the weather forecast – it was the weather man wot done it - for not making it clearer. In much as the same way as the current crisis we have in the local building trade is nothing to do with the Beach Boy - the ever so gentle, kindly and slithery, Mr Allan. The Arc of Prosperity is in such a poor state we had to give work to Paddies to build our schools – just wait for Allan and MacNeil to demand that HIE/CNES anyone but themselves do something to salvage to local companies. They’ll do their usual squirm under a rock act and pretend that it had nothing to do with their Government. At least there is one good man to come out of Barra - Raymond "Political Storm" Buchanan.