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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The sad end of a career

The spectacle of the downfall of probably one of the most able - if divisive - political characters in recent decades is sad, but sadly inevitable.

As the trial progressed, it looked like his chances were improving, despite, or perhaps because, of his decision to represent himself.  That gave him great leeway in Court, which a legally qualified individual would not have had to say, what shouldn't be said.

Clearly he lied, and the full extent of the back-story, and some of the unreported elements are starting to appear as I type, all of which seem to raise more questions about risks he took and the sheer scale of lies he told.

How he was guilty and Gail was not, is a matter for the prosecution, but they seemed to have not wanted to split the jury between husband and wife.

That's the end of him as a serious politician; the end of his legal career; but I suspect that we will see him reappear in an advocacy and lobbying role for future social campaigns.

He will undoubtedly remain a totem for his supporters and a monster to his opponents, and the questions of "What could have been?", will remain unanswered.


Anonymous said...

.....I suspect that we will see him reappear in an advocacy and lobbying role for future social campaigns...

I'm sorry, angus. How can an acknowledged liar be a realistic advocate or lobbyist for anything ever again ?

Anonymous said...

Sorry - let me qualify that.

There have been many liars who have, over the centuries, continued both in public office and in public esteem.

They tended, though, to have the following characteristics:

They acknowledged the lies and explained why they had been made; and/or

The lies were not to do with personal matters or for personal gain, prestige or vanity.

There are a few others but I think that those are arguably the main 2.

So how does our current protagonist figure there ?

Anonymous said...

to hear the news of the world rep claiming this was 'a victory for real investigative journalism' was laughable.

Angus said...

Anon 6:28 - ex-cons Jeffrey Archer and Jonathan Aitken spring to mind

Anonymous said...


But they are not taken seriously, angus. JA1 may have some money to throw a few parties but that is all. JA2 has only his hair - and that is getting a tad thin.

No - you lie and are seen to lie for reasons which are for personal gain? You are dead meat. And should be.

Anonymous said...

the latest in a long long(and seemingly unending) line of an increasing number of public servants who are nothing but selfish duplicitous megalomaniacs(i.e. spelling:B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.T.E.R.S.)
The desire to be a politician should immediately exclude you from becoming one!

Anonymous said...

Just look at our own Councillors and they lead the pack.

Anonymous said...

I would also think that Angus MacMillon down in Uist will now be pondering the wisdom of his own legal action for hurt 'feelings".

The capacity to make a royal horses ar$e of himself - and Storas - is immense, and will no doubt be suitably unedifying for all the spectators eagerly awaiting the feast.

Concerned and exploited tax payer said...


Being more learned than myself can you explain who has/is paying the costs of this ridiculous farce. Am I right in saying us the tax payer? Including the deviants costs?

Anonymous said...

To digress a little bit, but attracted by the headline, it's worth reflecting again on our local Westminster representative.

I was struck by his comments on BBC Alba going onto Freeview. Others, including the MSP, have welcomed the move with some generosity.

Mr Macneil, on the other hand, has to temper his welcome with comments on the BBC Trust prevaricating for two years and being dragged kicking and screaming to the eventual decision.

I have no opinion, one way or the other, on the Alba Freeview decision. But I do think that the MP's comments are small-minded, presumably reflecting an instinctive hostility to any organisation that has the term 'British' attached to it.

The decision was made at a cost of losing several BBC radio channels during the time that Alba broadcasts. That's not to be done lightly; so I'm glad the Trust took time to consider the representations of all interested parties.

It would be good at some time to see our MP shed some of his visceral hostility to any decision that emanates from London.

Small chance, I suppose.

(The tenuous link to the thread of earlier comments is the hope to see another sad end to a political career.)

Anonymous said...

This is no sad end to no career. Tommy is too well loved and too talented not to come back. Free Tommy Sheridan. Never forget - never forgive.

Anonymous said...

A great number of people believed that with digital television came BBC Alba and were very disappointed to discover that this was not the case. Radio channels are exactly that. Radio channels. They are available by simply buying a wee transistor radio.

BBC Alba is not generally available. Its addition to BBC Freeview is long overdue.

The BBC can find the dosh to fund a channel in Persian to subvert, sorry, educate, the populace of Iran and adjacent countries. It is surely fitting that similar privileges should be extended to the UK's own native languages. A Welsh medium channel has been available for over 20 years.

Anonymous said...

ohh,if only to be in charge of the coin. While most had to cancell their Christmas meals, MG Alba put their staff up at the hotel and told the them to put it on their expensives account. Wonder if the Goverment see that as money well spent in these hard times!

Anonymous said...

Tommy lied. Tommy gambled. Tommy lost.
The case had to happen, regardless of cost to the tax payer. If you lie in court, you run the risk of going to court for a very long time, that message needed to be send out loud & clear.

He was never the political player he thought he he was... Just a player.

Anonymous said...

A good comparison as S4C is in a mess. It receives £100m but a quarter of progs attract an audience of zero. BBC Alba claims viewing figures of hundreds of thousands but what would it be without sport. If the future for Gaelic TV is for football and rugby games played in central belt pubs with the sound down, then I despair.

Dr Evadne said...

'Oh I'm the King of the Swingers..boy,
A jungle V.I.P.
I've reached the top and had to stop
And that's what's been bothering me.
I wanna be a man, man-cub,
And stroll right into town,
And be just like the other men,
I'm tired of monkeying around...
Ohh wanna be like yoooo... etc'

MadEddieH said...

Just to point out something which I thought was obvious but obviously not- MG Alba is a private media firm it is not BBC Alba - they are two different things.

Anonymous said...

MG Alba is a public body, funded by the good old tax payer

Ambriel said...

If Sheridan had simply put his hands up, admitted he'd visited a swingers club, and done a bit of political penance then the whole thing would have blown over in a matter of a few days.

Perjury aside, he's also guilty of a serious error of judgement. This is the 21st Century, after all.

Anonymous said...

The SSP had News Corp by the balls. All they had to do was Keep schtum for the duration of the trial, let Tommy have his victory and then get rid of him afterwards. What did thet do - sing like f'n canaries.

All this "you must be honest" guff in this thread is nauseating. Honest as who? The police, politicians, the justice system, News Corp? Do me a favour.

Anonymous said...

10:22 Ever heard of 'credibility'? Tommy has none, through going off on his little one-man (pointless) crusade that was doomed to failure.

Anonymous said...

If that's true then its outrageous. How the other half live. Don't they not realise its not their money to squander. Next thing they'll be pleading poverty

Anonymous said...

It is incredible that Sheridan became famous in the first place All he ever did was refuse to pay his Poll Tax
Just annother scrounger willing to live off other peoples taxes and contribute zero himself.

Anonymous said...

The Gurbard agrees...