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The truths they don't want you to read....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Council redundancies

After the wave of voluntary retirements has seriously depleted the strength in depth of the Council, word reaches me about the second wave of compulsory retirements.

Of course, they are not being described as that, but being presented as part of an overall reorganisation.

I have been told about a number of staff who are being encouraged to leave, even if they don't want to, on terms that they aren't very happy with.

All this poses questions about the strategy that has been followed.  If there are staff who need to be 'reorganised' now, wouldn't have made more sense to 'reorganise' them before you let the skills, knowledge and experience of the senior staff walk out the door with a package.

That way, you could have ensured that no massive gaps appear in the organisation....

Just a thought.

(Samizdat newspapers in the Whitehouse please copy)


Anonymous said...

And can anyone see the link between rural school closures and Council redundancies - oh yes, its that folding stuff again.

Anonymous said...

Is it job for job sake and school for school sake, no matter the cost to the punter? Does it not make logical sense to condense?

Anonymous said...

7:44 ...surely it depends how that condensing is done!!

If it is done effectively then the results (and savings) are good, but if it is purely a money-saving exercise with lttle regard for the consquences (where the most experienced, knowledgable and effective staff are removed) then this could be disastrous.

This council appear to have very little vision for the future of our islands - they can't see past the pound signs!!

Anonymous said...

8.51 I've worked there and seen it first hand..... jobs for the boys, their friends and their families. The brains left yonks ago, well what little there was.