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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Last post ever....

My work here is done.

No seriously; I have achieved the unexpected - a spirit of openness and candour inside the Comhairle which many thought was an impossible dream.

I refer, of course, to the Council Leader's blog - or for my German readers - Der Rat Führers Blog.

One must cheer to the rafters the unprecedented engagement with the public, and ignore the deathly prose which has suffered much at the hands of Press Officers, lawyers and assorted advisers, as they try to turn a series of press releases into one blog posting.

In out unbridled joy at the new focus on the public, we can only marvel at the ability for some many disparate subjects to be semi-coherently linked into one largely structured document.

It would be churlish to suggest that the spirit of brevity has been lost and that the opportunity to make half a dozen postings has been foregone in favour of a much delayed megapost.

The relationship with the public can only be enhanced by the ability to comment on the posts, and like many others I have been worried that my comments have not appeared, despite the use of multiple disposable email addresses to obtain passwords.  It is unclear if the author of the blog is actually monitoring comments, or if this has been left to Cllr Campbell.

However, if like me you have not seen your comments appear on the Leaders blog, then you may wish to copy them here, just so that the Comhairle is kept fully informed of the public mood, and in case any comments are lost due to 'technical problems'.

Presumably, the remaining 30 Councillors will also get full officer support to put their election addresses public positions on record.

The title of this post is facetious.


Dr Evadne said...

I tried to leave this comment on the Campbell Sblog site and it didn't work:

'May I be the first to congratulate Herr Campbell on these encouraging and enthusiastic words. It puts me in mind of the great works of Solzhenitzyn, Dostoyevsky, Alan Titmarsh and Katie Price (not necessarily in that order). Perhaps in his next post he can comment on the appalling state of the roads and why it is comparatively easy for the Comhairle to dish out large sums of cash to prevent various local businesses and individuals taking him/them to court. Cash that could have been used to fix the roads. On a lighter note he could inculde some recipes featuring fresh, local produce, and a section on skin care.
Ta ever so, E.'

Anonymous said...

For some hints and tips for leaving comments on our council leaders blog please view the following clip

Anonymous said...

you know when your beat.

Anonymous said...

Last Post eh? Interestingly its the anniversary of Custers Last Stand.

To contribute to the Supreme Lord's Blog requires the submission to the Council Thought Police of your ISP, Bank and Employment Details, political alliance, savings and vested interest in wind farms - and of course any heriditary relationship to the 2 or 3 families that run the council/have all the jobs.

It's like Toad of Toad Hall when he got his first car - over the moon with its ownership but with feck all knowledge of how to use it.

That said he could come unstuck at the elections if candidates in his ward claim foul pay, (make a change from his missus anyway), of an unfair advantage.

Anonymous said...

It's a rambling concoction of "I'm so open, I'll listen to you", "I do a lot for you" and exaggerations about the dear old Comhairle. The wording is hilarious; one example of many:

...of a single turbine wind farm on...

Otherwise known as "a wind turbine".

Joe Bloggs said...

Yep, Angus Campbell's brand new blog must rank as one of the worst attempts ever seen in the entire history of the blogosphere. How about that profile pic?? Looks like the kid off the cover of the MAD comic ;-)
Would you let this man run your local council? I wouldn't trust him with a Portakabin near a refuse tip.
Well, I'm all subscribed up and waiting with baited breath for the next exciting installment of total tedium.
Bring it on Nige. Such innovation in the sphere of social networking should be applauded. They don't call you the Alastair Campbell of the Western Isles for nothing. Spin Doctor? More like Spin Professor.
Another fine example of the Comhairle leading the way.
What ever next for our Dear Leader? Dare I say Twitter?
Stephen Fry, you better up your game - there's a new kid in town.

Anonymous said...

Not Mr Campbells most ardent admirer but I feel that the moderators of this blog need to apply a reasonably fair level playing field regarding personel abuse.
Let's at least claim the moral high ground if nothing else (apart from the fact it's childish and leaves a distinct bad taste in the mouth)

Anonymous said...

Nice idea to use a huge 2,000 pixel image at the top, scrunching it down to little finger size in the wrong ratio, making Campbell look even more, shall we say, 'portly' than he already is. I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

The picture of our leader on his blog was scrunched down so those local residents - in 2011 - who are still forced to use dial-up, or whose connected community broadband doesn't work at low tide, can still download his picture and admire him.

Anonymous said...

Oh lighten up, it's just a bit of fun. Mr. Campbell has been behind many more deliberate nastiness within these Islands than most of us put together. We are just having a wee vent..... I'm sure your vote will still count next year..

sgaire said...

"The local blogosphere has been buzzing with news of this blog – thanks to all my fellow bloggers for helping to raise its profile."

Two press releases on a blogging platform does not a blogger make, and a bit of derisive snorting by the actual bloggers and commentators is not a 'buzz'.

Also - renewed appalledness at the title "The Leader". Initial disgust at this gormless fuehrerdom had faded in the using but it's back in full force with me now.

There's a big semantic slither here from Leader of the councillors he can marshal, to Leader of the comhairle, to Leader of the People of the Islands. Just who, WHO, considers him a Leader, and of what exactly? A band leader. A gang leader. Nothing more.

I'm waffling now but I can't express how wrong I think this Leader business.

Anonymous said...

check out campbells bog for the comment by ancatdubh.

"Today Here In Stornoway
It Seems.
Buses Using Low Level Steps Have Increased Traffic."

take the first letter of each word to find the true comment.

lets see how many we can get away with.