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Monday, June 13, 2011

Google adwords

The only advertising that our business does is via Google Adwords; having abandoned print advertising almost entirely.

I've just spent today reducing our exposure and the range of advertising that we do, as we need a bit of a breather to catch up with all the work that has been generated.

We estimate that every £1 spent on the internet - domains, Adwords etc - is generating about £350 in new turnover, which is a good result by any reckoning, but we actually need to throttle growth for a few months so that we can properly control and assess how we manage that growth.

It's a good complaint, but we need a bit of a life over the summer and to catch up with everything else that is going on.


Andrea Ingram said...

nice advert for google anyway!

Anonymous said...

Learn English man- how can you give a thing up "almost entirely"

Anonymous said...

Can't help thinking that if advertising so simply generates a 350% return you should be expanding like nutters not throttling growth. Then again, may be you fished a small amount of business with a minimum of effort so your basic maths is screwed. Probably the latter.

Angus said...

Anon 12:16. Thanks for your kind wishes.

We have paused advertising to get a breather and to work out how to ensure that we can cope with 25% growth again this year - software, staffing, procedures etc

It's a comparatively quiet time just now, so we can plan and test the revised campaigns before it gets busy again in October.

Anon 6:44 - oh dear; back to school.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the worst thing a small company can do is expand too quickly so, Angus, I think you are correct in your strategy. Too many companies do so and, then, find that they are unable to cope with a much larger workload.