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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back to life....

After numerous complaints from various readers about my absence, I have decided to apologise for my absence by extending your subscriptions to this blog by another year, at no extra cost.

As a family we fled the island to escape from the mod; and what a wise decision that was.

With the ludicrous call from An Comunn that all public servants talk
Gaelic as their first language when speaking to the public, through to the Scottish Government showing their deep commitment by announcing an SVQ in Gaelic Basket Weaving, we were glad to be far, far away.

We barely got back home, when my very clever wife had to head across the Atlantic for a week of meetings in the US which culminated in her reappointment to the Board.  Congratulations and jet lag all around.

As a result I was flying solo, with the kids and the office. And we all survived, albeit deeply traumatised.

Since then we have been at least knee-deep in new business, exciting tenders and more stuff than I can start to detail, so time really has been a major issue.

Thanks to the most recent kick up the derriere, I've made an effort.  So let's get back to dishing out the appropriate plaudits and brickbats, and I'll try and reply to all the outstanding emails too!

(J: 169 out of 180 comments awaiting moderation were spam)

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Anonymous said...

Well that at least explains the dishevelled, wide eyed looking local accountant, gaggle of kids in the back tearing along Lewis Street at five past the bell the past few mornings.