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The truths they don't want you to read....

Friday, October 21, 2011

Carbon Capture

I'm not displeased that the plan to pump Carbon Dioxide from Longannet into empty oil wells under the North Sea has been rejected.

I have serious technical questions about the sanity of pumping toxic gasses into a subsea cavity, where various chemical reactions will take place, unobserved, unmonitored and uncontrolled.

Add water to carbon dioxide, and what do you get?  Carbonic Acid and vast underground caverns. 

Add in all the other toxic compounds n the smoke.....

However, let's pose a simple question to all supporters of Carbon Sequestration:

What is the practical difference between pumping gaseous waste from Longannet into holes under the North Sea and putting nuclear waste into holes in the ground?

As far as I am concerned, there is no difference. In both cases you are hiding the problem, not sorting it.

If Longannet is pumping out such a toxic mess, then close the damn place, and end the dependence on dirty coal.  Don't leave it for future generations to resolve.


Anonymous said...

Instead of spending £1bn on carbon capture and storage - to prove that we can keep creating climate changing gases - spend the money on insulating all homes! This will lower bills and reduce the amount of climate changing gases being produced.

Anonymous said...

I would love my house to better insulated rather than knowing I am pumping cash into the accounts of the energy companies to keep the drafts down!

Anonymous said...

given the quality of recent posts and comments, i reckon this is a dying blog.

Professor von Drake said...

Okay I have tried the experiment of adding water to CO2 and I have produced Carbonic Acid but I do not know where to start looking for the vast underground caverns that should also have appeared! Perhaps you can enlighten me.

Anonymous said...

Angus, if you don't know what you are talking about then don't blog. Leave it to those who know!

Anonymous said...

Does my Soda Stream produce Carbonic Acid?

Anonymous said...

Ah, leaving silly comments, with the occasional "this blog is full of worthless comments" comment thrown in. One of the more boring forms of trolling. Get. A. Life.

Anonymous said...

Dear Angus,

I hope you like my snide remarks which is payback for having a go at my Wee Pravda, but as you well know, its my ability to create a diversion by smokescreen that keeps my press rolling.

I like your theme but beware, because you mentioned the Big Secret. The N word. The hide it for a hundred thousand years game. You guys have only been on Lewis for a few thousand years, or to the Literalists, a very long time. My stealthy manipulation is going unseen except for your truth bug. But I'm certain we can find a cure for your illness. And then I can continue with my real agenda.

As you know, my piece in the Acme game is to present Pairc on a Plate. The wind is a diversion to blow confusion everywhere. And then the real action can start. Did you notice how I got Fluffy a chairman job. But he can bring the Clowns onside and he will do as I tell him. And it took a lot of doing. Getting the renewable nuclear contractor from Cumbria with tunnelling experience into Lewis scene without anyone noticing and getting the tunnelers to allow Fluffy as the frontman. The Point Commisar had to be pushed to give them work get them in and that took some effort, but the clincher was when I told him that all Party rejects need to be looked after. He got the message.

The bought out Pairc Estate is perfect, oops, will be perfect for hiding the five hundred thousand tonnes radioactive waste that I've got piling up. MacDigger can make the roads, Fluffy can make the tunnels, and I will make another furtune.

More money than I can care to count. At least a million per Lewsack which is twenty thousand million minimum. Think of that Angus. Twenty Thousand Million Pounds. I feel good. As they say 'where there's muck, there's brass' but my version is 'when the muck's glowing there's gold' and when the nuclear waste is unsafely hidden in the tunneled hills of South Lochs I can say 'there's gold in them thar hills', and to myself I'll say 'and its all under my bed'.

All that thinking about the gold under my bed deserves a lie down. All that gold. All under my bed. Bliss.
Release the hounds!
Excellent, excellent.

Yours ever
Wee WoC

Anonymous said...

Never seen anything about radioactive waste on this spot Think of the positive A new industry radiating from South Lochs (no jokes please). Make the hills look like a Tom and Jerry cheese and fill the tunnels with the unhealthy glowing waste. How many companys are collecting this waste where is it collected from and is it worth the effort.

What is the cost

Anonymous said...

The previous comment was a public service announcement, brought to you by the Comhairle supported "Dangers of too much cannabis smoking" campaign.

Anonymous said...

The likes of Atkins have earned millions from the non runner that is carbon capture. Feasibility studies on every aspect of the concept despite the clear need for a balanced energy policy.

No concept specific studies have been done on the rock formation of Lewis to determine suitability criteria viz;
the stability and integrity across the requried time matrix;
the Fe forged content of the stratae 50m above current sea level;
the silica/mica/quarzite/silica composition of all stratae;
the bouyancy and integrity of the landmass below sea level to determine the crust thickness in these areas;
the projected change in the assessed rock formations based on evidence on the period from pangeatic formation to present era, and
the geological context of the necessary time frame when the facility is to be progressed.

No specific feasibility studies have been conducted on the geological formations of these areas to assess suitability for the facility so the spectre of such a repository in South Lochs need not be considered as it has the potential to cause concern and affect other issues despite the lucritive nature of any such work and the accrued community benefit.

Anonymous said...

What is the link between the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and the current proposals in Lewis?

The NDA is quite clear that this facility is needed. The location has yet to be announced but well placed people will know.

Its simply a case of making the connections.

Anonymous said...

The cost for decommissioning a nuclear power station ranges from £60 to £150 Billion.

A single contractor does the work.

Guess who a director of this company is.

Think Estate buyouts.

Think Harris Tweed.

Think Celtic FC.

Weekly poison pen column.

Yes, its the Pygmy with a holiday home in Uig.

'The futures so bright he's godda wear shades'

Anonymous said...

With stable geology is this really such a bad idea? Big money and keep the landscape, akin to sellafield and the Lake District.

Anonymous said...

Some complete nonsense been spouted on this thread, and the original article seem a bit scientific for an accountant ?

My brother has a lot of experience of seismic surveys in the North sea fields, I'll ask him if your speaking facts or making it up as you go I suspect.

Anonymous said...

Is this blog now dead?

There have been no new topics for a while, has Angus left these shores?

Are we to be left without a debating forum?

Your in anticipation.....anyone!!

Peter Murray said...


I've noticed that you write a lot about renewables and energy supply. I am considering moving to the Western Isles, but one of my concerns is the cost and reliability of domestic energy supplies.

Is there any independent and unbiased source of online information on this for local residents? Heat pumps, heating fuel, electricity provision options, and so forth? I've looked, and so far just found opinion, not cited fact.

Peter Murray

Anonymous said...

Energy Saving Trust through the Energy Saving Scotland advice centre in Inverness.

Anonymous said...

Is it a bad rumar that our Little Labour Worthy is involved with the nucliar industry or is it just more of your truth mongering? because he is dabbling in a lot of other local stuff as well.