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Monday, January 16, 2012

Eishken windfarms

A really irate email from a friend in the anti-(onshore) wind farm camp arrived over the Christmas holidays.

The writer was obviously correct that the announcement of the approval of the Eishken wind farm over the Christmas holidays was shabby, transparent and pathetic.

The decision flies in the face of promises given by both MacNeil and Allan, and the MWT supporters are livid to say the least.

I was able to confirm that both these gentlemen actually opposed the applications from a position of technical ignorance, short-term local political advantage and in complete contradiction of party policy (albeit with a temporarily derogation from Salmond).

But was the decision the right one?

Actually, I think not; mainly due to the excessive delays and the absence of any support for any inter-connector to take the power from the proposed wind farm to the grid.

Never mind, instead of providing power to home, and instead of meeting the national objectives for renewable energy, it has provided a tangible economic benefit for the tax planners and financial wizards of London.

I opposed Lingerbay because it provided no immediate benefit to the local population.  The SNP Government have granted approval to a scheme that will provide no immediate benefit to the community but lots of immediate disbenefit.

That makes it the wrong decision.

The decision was inept; due largely to the fact that MacNeil and Allan do not understand renewables and do not have the slightest understanding of how this will impact the community.  The have not engaged with the Minister since the knew that the decision was for approval; so they will deny involvement and blame others for their failing.

If it is any consultation for MWT, the grid connection will probably still sink the proposal, but not before planning blight affect Pairc for another decade.


Anonymous said...


How often do you visit Pairc? your concern for the district if overwhelming (from someone brought up in the Pairc district).

Anonymous said...

The SNP almost certainly opposed the Barvas Moor project only because they knew it was certain to fall foul of the EU designation so it was no loss and a vote winner. They never opposed the Lochs projects but were happy to fudge it in the media to give the impression that they did.

Anonymous said...

But how many in PAirc are aware of the Comhairke view on their scheme? They offically say it winna happen. That is in black and White I believe in a letter re the Stornoway Trust proposal

Anonymous said...


Angus offers considerable support for Pairc given we are being shafted by SSE, Landlord, Pairc Trust and certainly lied to by the SNP. Only the Council has the front to declare they intend to shaft us lol! (from some one still living in Pairc district).

Anonymous said...


It's going to happen, too late to do much about it now.