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The truths they don't want you to read....

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Standing up for what you believe in

It is good to have a politician with commitment and a belief in what they stand for, as well as being prepared to support their constituents ahead of party alliegence.

Anything else would be spineless and duplicitous, and putting your voters behind your party.

At the recent meeting between local hauliers and the Government Officials, I am told that the MP showed his true colours.

There were various sessions at which the hauliers had private discussions about strategy, and the arguments to be put forward.  They were ably assisted by the MP who told the hauliers the approach to be taken in the negotiations and discussions. He then followed this up with "And don't tell the officials that it was me who said that".

The hauliers are left with the feeling that they were being pushed down a pre-determined path with MacNeil playing both sides; knowing the trivial points which the Government would accept and pushing the hauliers accordingly.

Moreover, I understand from my sources that the MP, MSP and Chair of Transport were all well aware of the proposals, having been privy to the detail of the changes some months back.  Indeed, I understand that they may all have been involved in discussions with the Minister about the haulage proposals last Autumn.

So, far from fighting the islands corner, it increasingly looks like they have bitten their tongues and/or been utterly powerless to change the Ministers mind.  And then faked faux-outrage at the plans they already acquiesced to.

Is this why the Comhairle are not pushing this matter as hard as they should?


Richard T said...

Please excuse a parochial comment from Orkney but in view of the announcement in yesterday's papers about the SNP's decision to allow us to vote for their party's candidates in the forthcoming local elections, I wonder just who will be puling their strings. The electors or Edinburgh?

Anonymous said...

Edinburgh, of course. One reason why many people would never vote for independence while the SNP are in power. Apparatchiks R Us.

Anonymous said...

Greatly disapointed with response of our MSP, MP and our head of transportation, Mr Manford,It would seem they forget who they represent.It is hard to beleive they are happy to condone the actions of the SNP with regard the removal of RET from commercial traffic to the Western Isles, They appear happy to see between 1 and 2 million being exstracted from the Western Isles economy. SHAME ON YOU ALL....

Anonymous said...

Not surprised. This happens over and over again, whereby the aspirations of the islands are kept back by the politicking of these three. Been on the recieving end of them and seen them treat others in this way. You just get frustrated, tired of the fight and accept third rate services. There's plenty hope and ideas being kept back by these short sighted three....then again we voted for them!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @5.51pm. Don't be too hasty with your judgement. A better way forward will be negotiated and agreed. Too much is at stake here. The MP, MSP and C'llor are working hard on this as we discuss and debate the unacceptable consequences.

Anonymous said...

Would it be fair to speculate that we are watching the start of the bill coming in for the free lunch? The SNP threw money around like confetti in order to improve their chances at the last election. Now they have to sustain the party atmosphere heading into the referendum.

Given the current popularity of the SNP the Western Isles is a not so critical seat. In fact our only value is as a revenue generator for the government through windfarms, and lets face it we all know that you only need a minibus of visiting Danish/Polish/.... service crew to keep those working.

AA will be off craggy island and comfortably placed as Minister for mainland languages somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Re - 11.38

Too much is at stake here?

Sorry - there is very little. The SNP have got a thumping majority in the islands and can afford to lose a thousand (or so) votes.

They think they've got people in their pockets!

Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous at 7.22pm. "Too much at stake" comment has nothing to do with the present and continuing prospects of the SNP, as AA, ABM and DM will be only too willing to admit. What is at stake is the cost of goods in the shops to everyone living here, and the consequences of yet further inflationary pressures (on top of seriously over-priced fuel). Livelihoods are at risk, and fear of yet more depopulation.

Anonymous said...

The Labour Party thought exactly the same.

Anonymous said...

Re - 10.57 am


That's why it's always best to be a marginal seat. No party should have a constituency in their pockets.

We all turn out losers that way!