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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Only 1000 days?

And thousands of questions that need answers......

Sadly, it looks like the majority of really difficult questions will have vague or nonsensical answers when they should actually be challenged head-on and responded to accordingly.

But that's not my problem; indeed, I think the role of devils's advocate fits nicely with the questions that cannot be answered by those in the SNP who do not actually understand the questions, and prefer abuse to considering the issues.

One spectacular series of comments on Facebook has shown me just how very little a very senior local SNP member actually understands any of the issues, but who posts fawning tributes to party leaders as an alternative to analysis.
I'm going to try and raise issues in an even-handed and objective way, and provoke discussion which (I hope) will help everyone to make up their mind; or failing which to demand more information before making an informed decision.


Can't touch me I'm part of the Union said...

Welcome back and Happy New Year Angus

Just had to be the 1st this year to use that oft used phrase:-


Anonymous said...

Between rabid Labour and rabid SNP supporters? Good luck with the whole "rational debate" thing :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Angus,
The absence of material lulled me into thinking that you had learned your lesson when you blew the tweed shuffle into the open. But then, why not use your little site to my advantage. Keep the Union. Keep the reserved powers. And make sure that the Scots don't govern Scotland.
Those who left the SNP have to go somewhere so you could join me, because I always need someone to do the dirty work.
The offer is clear. You'll do my dirty work and I keep the money. That may sound a bit like the Union agreement thats up for review, but lets not go there.
Black and white. All change is bad, etcetra, scare stories if you can.
But remember, I keep the money.
Yours ever
Wee WoC

Anonymous said...

Why was the Minister for Uig booted out so that he had to join the Unionist Party?