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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, April 05, 2009


I'm told that negotiations with Bi-Fab might be reaching a conclusion, but why the delay?

The incompetence of WIE/HIE is a given, as it includes handing out confidential papers to a journalist who walked into the WIE office and asked for them.

A major stumbling block has been the attitude of the MP and the MSP (and the SNP) to the operations in the yard, with very public leaking of confidential discussions through their press releases and their ambiguous views on the yard. Do they support manufacturing in Arnish or will they oppose any attempts to build towers for use on the islands?

The final carrot has been the planned approval for the Eishken wind farm with the Enterprise Minister telling MacNeil and Tintin that it is happening, and that they can fight for their own political survival at the next election.

That guarantee of work, and the implicit support of the Enterprise Minister, has made the difference, and a good thing too.

Roll on the yard reopening.

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