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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jpeg files

Help! Does anyone know enough about jpeg files to be able to repair some corrupted photos?

I've tried using a number of commercially available programmes to view the file structures or auto repair the files, but without success.

The photos are still on the SD card and I'm willing to pay :-)

Update 14/4/09: I'm getting nowhere. Thanks for all the advice and suggestions. The photos were not deleted, but I think the card was formatted in the computer rather than the camera and this has caused the problem. The thumbnails are largely clear but some are 50%+ greyed out and others have wonky colours. I've recovered old, old, photos on the card, which are ok but some recent ones still need fixing and nothing is fixing them.

Anon 3:20, I'd be eternally grateful if you can make them any less worse than they are at present. Email me, please.


Captain Swing said...

Is it corrupt on the SD card or is the file corrupted during transfer to your PC? If it OK on your SD card maybe a card reader will work.

This is a very handy piece of kit for showing photos on any PC that has USB without having to carry all the camera cables and software around with you.

If the file is corrupted on the SD card maybe this link to a forum will be of help. My understanding is that the corruption in this case is in the file headers but reading the rest of the forum (something I have not done) might give you some pointers.

Other than that you might be on a hiding to nothing it will all come down to how corruption occured or what caused it as it is very difficult to put something back that has lost where it came from. I had a major PC failure and many of my jpeg and mpeg files got confused I had pictures as mpeg and vice versa I lost many files luckily I had hard copies to rescan and I never over record my video so all was not lost. I' sure you don't need me to tell you that making several copies of everything and keeping them in diferent places on different media will hopefully prevent complete data loss. Having lost files I become quite obsessive about backing up and copying several versions of each file so that I won't lose files again. Easy to be wise after the event.
Hope this helps

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Did I not put the forum link in, sorry.

A Photographer said...

I try not to let this happen but when it does the best and most reliable software to recover files from cards is Photorescue, see

other photographers I know also know it works. Download a copy for free, if it reports your images are recoverable you'll need to buy a license.

For what its worth, I suggest never deleting images from SD or CF cards in your camera. Once you've downloaded your pictures use the camera - never the computer - to format the card. That's format, not delete!


Anonymous said...

I've got photorescue and it was mostly successful for me, will give your card a try if you want to save buying it. Give a shout on here.

Ian said...

Have you tried the card in a different computer? I was getting the greyed out and wonky colour thing for a while on my computer. When I downloaded the card to a different computer the pics were fine. Turned out the built in card reader was knackered.