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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Some good news

It is good to see some economic development on the island, even if it is on the back of bad news.

The removal of 30 people from the unemployment register - on their way to Arnish - is a great step forward, albeit after a backward one.

Woolies StornowayWith Hebrides News reporting that MacKay's (aka M&Co) are taking over the empty shell that was Woolies there is a chance to reinvigorate the centre of town - and does it need reinvigoration.

Of course, MacKay's are only moving a bit along the road, presumably leaving their current premises empty, but it will be of a more suitable size for a smaller business to expand into.


Anonymous said...

Good to see someone moving in there, but I do wonder how much an existing clothes shop moving 150 yards along the road is going to reinvigorate the town centre? Hopefully the old M&Co store won't be sold to a tourist-oriented business...that would be the kiss of death.

I was hoping that the other Mackay's, i.e. the Home Improvement Centre, was going to move into the Woolies store. That would have made an enormous difference to the centre.

Anonymous said...

The HIC's prices are already high enough without the trying to cover the rent on that place. Anyway a towncentre shop is not the place to have a DIY shop. What about car parking and transportation of heavy and unwieldly goods?

It does seem to be a very large store for Mackays.

Anonymous said...

Oh well it looks as if the Stornoway population will be the height of fashion what with Peacocks and a larger M&CO hitting town.

Phew, hold me back.....

Anonymous said...

"Anyway a towncentre shop is not the place to have a DIY shop."

Yes it is, no better place in fact. It's not really just a DIY shop either, is it?

"What about car parking and transportation of heavy and unwieldly goods?"

Out the back, same as Woolies.

Anonymous said...

A small and welcome improvement, but what about the eventual demise of another good local company Iain Crichtons electrical company. What's the background to this story? It seems a shame that in such difficult times that he didn't get the funding awarded by court in time. Does anyone know why not, since it would have surely helped the company and the local economy during the current climate?

Anonymous said...


IT would seem that the our wonderful comhairle would rather see a local company go to the wall, rather than it receive the compensation it rightfully deserved due to the gross incompetance of the comhairles' street lighting contract issuing.

Anonymous said...

11.00 "Gross incompetence ..."
Surely not by the late Councillor and his former puppets Murdo Murray and Tony Robson. The move was a disgrace and while Iain was the only one with the guts to take them on he was by no means the only party to suffer.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that the Crichton issue has not featured on this Blog as it is one of the most
disgracefull events to take place in Stornoway for a long time.
To think that the people who are supposed to be responsible for the development of the Islands are the very ones who brought a company that has existed for the past 30 years to it's knees is beyond comprehension.
Senior officials and councillors
alike sat back and did nothing when it was within their powers to prevent Crichton's being bankrupted.
If rumours are to be believed, it is said that councillors have been instructed/warned from above not to make any comment on the matter.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed that Ann Summers looked, then decided against opening a branch in Stornoway. It would have added variety, and options for Lewis people only currently available through a trip to the mainland, or taking the risk of having stuff delivered without the local gossips finding out.

Anonymous said...

oh yes, 3:12, a tourist orientated business - in the centre of a sea side town - that really would be the kiss of death!
(insert mad omoticon)

Anonymous said...

Thank you 12:58, I'm glad you agree with me.

(insert happy emoticon with shortbread tin attached)

Anonymous said...


Ann Summers did make an appeciation study but as hair nets and tweed skirts are not in their normal range decided not to come.

They have however their own local party organiser based in Borve Harris.