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The truths they don't want you to read....

Monday, September 28, 2009

How many right-wingers does it take..... form yet another 'independent' political party?

The genesis for this post goes back a few months when I was contacted and asked to find the gossip on an individual who was included in the leaked list of BNP members. The person concerned had now moved from the Hebrides to South Africa and their new neighbours had 'found' my blog and wanted to get the inside track.

I was pointed in the direction of some 'friends' of the individual who were also supposedly (former) members/supporters of the BNP, and neighbours of this person when he lived in Scotland.British bulldog

A little bit of digging on the web and I found all the websites owned by the neighbours, and lo and behold, but one of the 'private' and hidden websites had an unusual picture. One that I had posted to my website just the week previous.

A few minutes further digging and it was obvious it was a set-up, so I sat back and waited for the next contact from this very concerned citizen in South Africa. She did appear on her company website, but someone with the same name as her husband seemed to be involved in extreme right-wing politics.

It is the startling incompetence, stupidity and blatant ar$eholeness of the extreme right that you just have to love. As a punch bag for their own incompetence, I mean, and as a way to measure your own ability and sanity.

Thanks therefore to my spies for pointing me in the direction of the manifesto of the latest bunch of intolerant misfits, the English Democrats (sic, sic, sic).

One of their more imaginative policies is: The deportation of all illegal immigrants. There should be no amnesties. Illegality should not be rewarded by the granting of citizenship. Nor should organised crime rackets be allowed to profit from people smuggling. Discovered illegal immigrants should be offered the choice between cooperatively returning straight home, or being sent to a distant offshore holding centre during the processing of their repatriation case.
I think that we can all assume that they don't envisage the Isle of Wight or even the Scilly Isles being 'distant' enough.

But is there an opportunity here for the Western Isles, and the wider Scotland, to welcome the doctors, business people and families that some of the English don't want?

Quite apart from the skills that would be dropped into our laps, won't it really annoy the English Democrats if we offer to keep all the 'expelled' right next door; ready to visit England as wealthy tourists and rub the noses of the English Democrats and their ilk in their own insecurity. Whilst we all benefit from the influx of ready, willing and able emigrants?


Anonymous said...

The people of the Western Isles find it hard to accept anyone from the other side of the Minch let alone Englandshire or someone who might have a "foreign" passport and speak with a funny accent. This place is one of the most bigoted that I have ever lived. They cannot even accept each other if they have differing opinions.

Anonymous said...

It is ILLEGAL immigrants they are talking about in the paragrapgh you quoted, and one should not assume that all illegal immigrants have the skills that our country lacks or needs.

Stephen Gash said...

Thanks for the laugh. You beggars can't even bear to live with each other so bagpipe down to England.

So welcoming all those skilled illegal immigrants will only happen in the Scottish cloud-cuckoo land of self-deceit.

Anonymous said...

Aye, bring on the skilled workers of all race, colour and creed. Welcome! However can we swap them for all the pensioners, "artists" and hippies that insist on choosing the islands for their version of The Good Life?

Dr Evadne said...

Looks like one of your 'right wingers' has just surfaced in the shape of 7.53am.

Just to ask that person to clarify a point. Will he/she be swapping any Hebridean 'artists' (and pensioners come to that)for skilled workers? I have a very splendid work of art in my front room by a Hebridean artist who has a viable business here. And there were plenty more from where that came from and all Hebridean artists. Nothing wrong with the Good Life, sunshine if you have the skills and enterprise to sustain it. Putz.

Anonymous said...

They're off on their "Britain is full!" agenda as one reason to stop immigration by all means.

Except, Britain isn't full.

It's not even in the top 50 countries and dependencies for population density.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you've struck a nerve with me too.

You are saying that these fringers represent all English people when they don't and you seem to imply these islands are a beacon of tolerance when they are not.

But, of course, we can't let the facts get in the way of you feeling smug and superior with your little rant

Anonymous said...

Fact: England is the third most crowded country in the world. Just, maybe just, it is full.

Scotland has closed down it's immigration centres because no one wishes to go ther I believe.

Anonymous said...

8:34PM erm, no it isn't. England on its own doesn't even make the top 25 in terms of population density.


Have you been to Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, Dorset, Cornwall, Devon, and so on? All full?

And if you include the rest of the UK, then you have the increasingly deserted highlands and islands. If Britain is full, then why are so many people in the Outer Hebrides worried about depopulation?

Anonymous said...

Hate hate hate. And this isn't just restricted to younger people, or men. Race hate crosses all demographics.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why people complain so much about our low density housing, while on the mainland people pay a fortune for houses in positions we take for granted.