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The truths they don't want you to read....

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Pay rises, pay cuts

Real world calling Unison ........ is there anyone there?

Scottish council workers have rejected a three-year pay offer, paving the way for possible industrial action.

Some 80% of Unison members voted against a 1.5% rise by 2013. Unite and the GMB have already rejected the deal.

The unions want a one-year deal worth 3% or £600, whichever is greater, and a £7 minimum wage.
The Chief Executives got 2% and teachers 2.4%, so - the logic goes - should everyone else.

Those rises were wrong, wrong, wrong, and the impact is clear.

There might be some rises available for other staff, but it is going to have to be spread across a significantly smaller workforce. The Councils cannot award an increase without the public going up in arms, yet to fail to do so will make their staff revolting [insert own joke here] and either way, it is going to make for an interesting few months, for all the wrong reasons.

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