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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Council Budget documents

One Councillor was complaining that he couldn't open the links in the documents.

Now I know why.

In the interests of public accountability, openness and to demonstrate the use of modern technology, there are no actual hyperlinks in the Budget pdf files.

I discovered this when trying to read something that has been pointed out to me.  I had hoped that I was doing something stupid, but when I converted and opened the pdf to repost the links.....the text is styled like a hyperlink.  Obviously to confuse us.

Can anyone in the Council, please, give us the actual links so that the public can see what the Councillors are being told and are deciding upon?


Anonymous said...


As I said in your last thread: the links are in the third document - the budget working papers. They all work.

Unknown said...

To be pedantic there are hyperlinks in the documents for example:

http://february2011/Finance%20and%20Corporate%20ResourcesBP.pdf and http://february2011/Draft Budget Book 11-12.pdf

Unfortunately these don't resolve to a valid address on the website which is why you can't open them.

So, either the supporting files haven't been uploaded correctly or the conversion to pdf doesn't change the link to point to the correct location. Or both, which at first glance looks like the case. (Serious question, have they really been working on this for six years?)

BTW - your email seems to be down at the moment, I'm getting a no route to host errors. So either your MX records or network are screwed.

Angus said...

It's obviously due to using relative addresses rather than absolute ones. It's making open Government very difficult.

Unknown said...

Sorry, slight correction to my previous message.

It should read the links don't resolve to a valid address on the website when using firefox or chrome, which is why you can't open them.

Angus said...

@Tony. Thanks: someone else had mentioned this, and I tested it without any problems. However, the mx setting was missing, so I have no idea how some messages were arriving (Bt to bt?).

Unknown said...

@Angus. You're welcome.
MX records are the spawn of the devil. Simplistic gist of it is - email within the same domain doesn't need an MX record, receiving from outside does.

Anonymous said...

I feel I'm eavesdropping.