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Monday, February 07, 2011

Knackered routers

Has anyone else with (business) broadband from BT had a blown router recently?

Ours started hanging last week and then died this weekend.  I am told that this might be more widespread than we realise, but I have no details.  Email me please -


Anonymous said...

Business broadband in Point. Erratic performance since the big gales. BT swarming all over Point yesterday Better today.

Anonymous said...

Damage from lightning strike maybe? There was a LOT of lightning a few nights back: a few years ago I and quite a few people in my area had our old dial-up modems literally sizzled in our PCs from one lightning flash. Luckily the damage didn't go beyond that.

Unknown said...

Similar problems on residential as well (in Point).

There were also problems in Inverness that may have been a factor

(Assuming the BT hub for the Western Isles ends up there).

There's still issues at the moment with lag and timeouts so it's better but there's still some underlying problem.

I agree that the lightning strike would be a good contender for causing a failure on the router (and for various technical reasons I won't bore you with can take a couple of days to actually fail). In saying that I lost a router before the storm hit but that could just be a coincidence.