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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, September 04, 2011


As many people have commented, our MP and MSP can seem to be distracted by spurious issues, rather than focusing on major issues.

It would be slightly unkind to suggest that it is a deliberate campaign to reduce our attention span on the key issues.

A particular example is the decision to run down the spinal route to check phone connectivity.

The BBC launched an app just a month ago which did exactly that, only with proper technology and with independent verification of the results. Indeed, a patchy map of the islands connectivity is already available as a result of this exercise.  Nonetheless, the experts on Bayhead are busy reinventing the wheel.  Which we are paying for.  Rather than getting involved in a national, professional, project which could have given reliable results.

Put aside the fact that good broadband would be much, much, better than good phone calls.

Compare and contrast with the outrage of an SNP MSP about 14% of the Scottish public living in fuel poverty
I'm less important than a good phone signal

Whilst the locally based Energy Advisiory Service estiamte that last year 60% of the residents of the Western Isles are in fuel poverty and there are cuts in the Government fuel poverty budget, we hear not a bleat, not a complain, not a solution, not a proposal from either MP or MSP.

It could be that they are just very busy, or it could be that they don't want to point to the failure of the Scottish Government to stop the annual cull of pensioners in the islands.

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Polly E Tick said...

If the Scottish Times (Saturday) is correct Batman and Robin here will have to be putting up a huge smoke screen soon far greater than mobile phones. Maybe the possibility of a Tramline at budget price to Point.

NO says Salmon to Independance I'll settle for more devolution.

Explain that to the zenopobic element of your party certain frequent letter writers to the Gerzet will be fuming!

Scottish Parliament Building, Tram Network, Scottish Banking success's, pylons through the tourist belt and not to forget our successful football record from national and major teams.

Stirling examples of how Scotland can go it alone.

Never was about Independance its power, sheer greed for power.

Scottish Nationalist Party - more National Socialist Party and its all beginning to show.

Meanwhile the dynamic duo have weeks to discover black holes before they have to go back to 'work' i use the term liberally as a life time of the social round at our expense is not real work as we see it, again.