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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SNH deceit

The most obvious factor to be extracted from the duplicity of SNH over the designations in Barra is the almost total lack of involvement of Europe in the process.

Sure, Europe asked for nominations to cover a wide range of marine habitats, and yes Europe did give the final approval for the designations to go ahead, but the leaked emails indicate that SNH were deciding upon the areas to be designated before they undertook the appraisal and without evaluating the facts.

Contrast and compare the real situation as established by Cllr Manford, with that portrayed by Yesman1 and Yesman2.
The SNH consultation phase ploughs on regardless
Angus Brendan MacNeil said: ‘The people and fishermen of Barra and Uist did not want this environmental designation and it is an example of the uncontrollable freight train that is EU Commission bureaucracy.  Once they have decided on a course of action governments in either Edinburgh or London or their attendant civil servants are powerless to do much about it.
“I appreciate that the process of designation is driven by the European Commission and backed by the very real threat of fines on countries who do not comply, but I reiterate my opposition to these unwanted designations.”
When the reality as unearthed by Cllr Manford was that SNH were lying left right and centre:
“As I am confident the minister at the time can confirm she was unaware of these actions, it falls to Ian Jardine to explain why he unnecessarily offered-up the Sound of Barra for designation while he was insisting the opposite to the minister and the community.”
Any politician worth their salt would be outraged at being lied to by a senior official, and should be demanding a head on a stick pour encourage les outres.  Unless, of course, they were party to the deceit.

The silence is rather telling, isn't it.


douglas clark said...

Why, exactly, are SNH wrong? Adding evidence to your polemic would be good.

Anonymous said...

Who else is involved in this damnable conspiracy? Jack Ruby? Cosa Nostra? CIA? Mossad?
The argument should be predicated on science and facts, not politicking and hearsay - or hearnot as you are implying in this case.

Ben Doon said...

I'm not sure Cllr. Manford is doing the cause any favours by talking about spite and malice - it makes it too easy for the SG to bat him aside as hysterical raving - what motive does SNH have to persecute the islands?

It's surely more likely to be cock up rather than conspiracy with the more serious questions being (a) why does SNH always seem to so over-zealous; and (b) why does the SG never seem to do anything to rein them in?

Neil King said...

I thought the funniest thing about the leaked SNH email was the author didn't even know where the Sound of Barra was!

Anonymous said...

Having just sat through a 'public consultation' that Herr Goebbels would have been proud of I see that nothing has changed with SNH. We, the public of Barra were subject to plenty information about species but not one reason as to why we should WANT this designation.

When questioned about specifics, the 'experts' did not have the information and therefore could not give answers!
Further, it was very noticeable that once again neither Angus MacNeil MP or Alistair Allen SMP bothered to attend. Are they not payed from the public purse to represent their constituents?

If this is how our 'democracy' works, we are truly heading fro disaster.