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The truths they don't want you to read....

Monday, September 05, 2011

One million page views

Thanks to all my readers for helping me reach this milestone.

I'll raise my glass to you all tonight, and promise to keep infuriating and entertaining you in equal measure in the future.


Anonymous said...

Raise your glass by all means Angus but suggest you have our 'Other National Drink' in it as it is a well known cure for gout and hangovers

Anonymous said...

Good effort Angus!

Anonymous said...

Well done...I bad...harumph...

Anonymous said...

Always entertaining and informative-essential reading for islanders.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Well done Angus,are you a part time worker for wiki leaks to?,keep it going.

Anonymous said...

Angus, South Uist here:

Angus, may I offer you an official thanks from the Stasi - sorry that should be Storas - board down here in Uist for the sterling services you have provided through your blog.

Without your assistance the world beyond Gerinish and Balagharbhaidh would never have known of bounteous wealth that awaits the crofters from the income to be generated by the Lochboisdale International Free Port to be created for the... erm... annual visit of the road salt boat.

Neither would there have been light shone upon the darkest corners of the legal trade which received a timely boost towards its meager income through the stalwart efforts of your chairman. It was indeed most unfortunate that the court of session action for defamation on his most unimpeachable and upstanding character (ed. who is writing this?) appears to have fallen through a crack in the floorboards.

And we will most certainly welcome the crofters who attend the next whist generously organised by our outstanding development officers, in what can only be called a moment of inspired genius, to raise funds for working replicas of two fine ships the Mary Kennedy and the Lulan. I understand that they already almost fully booked despite not actually yet built. This is marketing genius almost on a par with various pronunciations we have made regarding Murdo MacKenzie and the wonderous cooperation we have received from the Askernish crofters.

Please accept the enclosed donation to your coffers of £2500,000 This will be forwarded to you when our grant application to WIE for this modest sum is duly approved.

Anonymous said...

In the absence of any investigative local print media, and witnessing the sad slow death by a thousand stupidities of a once valuable local newspaper, the Stornoway Gazette, and the emasculation of the once radical WHFP, local people of every age turn to Hebrides News for up to the minute daily news, and local blogs such as your own esteemed organ and that of Mr X for interesting and informative posts and lively, mostly intelligent, comment. Keep on blogging Angus!

Anonymous said...

Dear Angus

It may come as a comfort to your readers that the controversy featured on your blog over wind turbines in Uist is now at an end. After a recent survey (£350,00, thank you very much WIE) it was established by our consultants of impeccable repute that Storas has the capacity to supply power to the entire Hebrides.

We may have to rearrange the furniture a little to achieve this as the source identified for the steady stream of wind and hot air required to power the turbines is - by some strange and unusual quirk - here inside our offices.

Best regards for the next million views,


Anonymous said...

Dear Angus,
I must congratulate you for your services to the truth. And for giving yourself a salutory pat on the head. But remember that the real truth is the part of the story that must always be manipulated and that the relevant truth is what is spun to make the story relevant to the objective.

Do you remember when the Headbanger and The Mononets played in Bernera. The Omsk is perfect example of how a non story can be turned into a story with all the ingredients to win votes. Landlords, salmon, poachers, BBC and the PF, but I had to eat crow in the end because the real truth got out of the bag.

Real truth is real crow.

Enjoy the highlight but remember that distorting the truth is a process and not an endpoint.

Yours ever
Wee WoC