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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Would you like salt with it?

I went past Market Stance a dozen times in the past few days, and was - like most of Uist - awe inspired by the veritable Mt Everest of road salt that had been shipped in, and is now left to be rained upon over the winter, and lose it efficiency with every raindrop.

Today, the following email was issued by the Council....
A notice that you have registered an interest in has been cancelled. The notice details are shown below.

   Notice ID: JUL095586
       Title: Ice Gritting and Snow Clearing 2011 – 2015
   Authority: Comhairle nan Eilean Siar


This contract has now been readvertised. See new advert 29.09.11
Are any Councillors interested in the reasons for this contract being withdrawn?

Perhaps the question is, how could the very senior persons involved in this get it so fundamentally wrong?

BTW, Councillors and contractors may also be interested to know that many of the scores achieved by the original tenderers are in the semi-public domain.

That'll engender confidence in the fairness and confidentiality of the process.


Anonymous said...

We though the council are running low on money, it does not look like it with the amount of salt at the market stance, they would have to pay for all that and the haulage from the boat and now they will have to pay for it to be moved to Lochboisdale and to Sollas thats what l call a waste of public money, should they not have suspended the boat for a few weeks so the contracts were in place and saved the haulage to both places, can they explain why this happened!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where is the scoring available?

Anonymous said...

Just a minor point- the salt does not lose its strength when it is piled up in the open air and rained upon before use. Road salt is specified to be of a type which forms a hard protective crust after the first shower of rain, preserving it until it is used.

Peter Brown said...

Why are we not looking at better systems? We are surrounded by salt water- why are we not spraying that on the roads instead? It's free! And it works. Have you ever seen the sea frozen over?