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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Lews Castle College (again)

Sad to say, it looks like my inside information was spot on.

It looks like major jobs cuts and major cuts rationalisation of courses are looming.

So much for the supposed agenda to take young people off unemployment and through skills and into work.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it a fact that for most people going away to university usually involves "going away" - its a key part of the experience of broadening your mind. In Lewis, that leaves demand only from mature and part time stay at home students who are not able to make the level of commitment needed for a degree for eg. There is simply not enough demand for the type, quality and level of courses the college offers. This, coupled with the extortionate cost of living in the Western Isles means the college cannot attract staff or students to migrate to the Western Isles and instead depends on what staff are locally available. Take Orkney by contrast, Orkney has an enviable standard of living compared to the Western Isles, it attracts students to degree courses in significant numbers, has developed an international reputation for its archaeology degrees, it has also been successful in attracting, investing and sustaining high calibre staff. For the Western Isles to emulate the success of Orkney College would require a root and branch review of staffing, student offer, and an in depth understanding of what potential students will pay for,and what will attract people to come and study or teach here. (bearing in mind the economy of the Western Isles means that there is practically no employment after completing study here). Over to the Western Isles Clouncil for failing to support the thriving tourism industry which depends upon preserving our landscapes in the way that Orkney has, and instead continuing to support failing industries that require massive subsidies to keep them afloat.