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Friday, September 05, 2008

Windfarms in North Lewis - the plans (?)

The presentations and supporting papers are available on the Scottish Government website, here.

My first reaction is that this multiple small-scheme plan is a worse 'opportunity' than the single big development at every level.

It can only provoke outrage from those who thought the matter was closed, and bewilderment for those who wonder why the previous scheme was really refused.


Anonymous said...

There's, um, no substance - bit of a cheek the materials even being labelled as "Interim". Many people with Google and an hour to kill could have put something like this together - didn't see anything new in there.

Anonymous said...

Could we not just shelve the windfarm plans and build a gigantic Sustainability Wheel (Page 8 of the presentation)? There's enough hot air coming out of that to power a small city - and the model appears to have been built from recycled human waste.