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The truths they don't want you to read....

Monday, December 15, 2008

300,000 page views


That's about 200,000 in the past year.

Many thanks to all my readers, and I promise to continue to harass, praise and insult for the foreseeable future.

(thanks to anon for pointing out the typo)


Anonymous said...

have you really only been going a year and a half?

Anonymous said...

Anyone been to the Comhairle site lately? New and improved.

Anonymous said...

still no sign of meetings minutes, agendas etc though

its all still cloaked in mystery

Anonymous said...

I just looked. Quite how is it new and improved?

Anonymous said...

'Quite how is it new and improved?'

Did you ever see the old website? It was fecking abysmal.

Anonymous said...

Face it. Its a closed door to all by the Comhairle. They dont want anyone to know what is going on because the corruption will be exposed.

Most staff dont know what they are doing and arent qualified to fill their posts, but its ok, as tehy have a relative working there who keeps them in post.

I went in the other day to try and make an appointment with someone. Surprise, surprise - they were all on a training course. So you cant get the information from teh website, or if you stand at their front desk. Whatever happenned to openess, democracy and transparency?

I did note however that the thermometer said 24 degrees. So much for being green and eco-efficent. The b'stards even burn our cash to overheat the place. You'd think there was enough hot air there as it is.