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Friday, December 05, 2008

Congratulations to the Vice-Convener

It was with great pleasure that I heard that Angus Campbell, the Comhairle Vice-Convener was awarded the title of "Best Politician" at the Scottish Renewable Energy Awards last night.

There is no doubt that Angus works incredibly hard for the Western Isles - anyone who doubts that should look and see just how often his vehicle is parked at the Council Offices - and his commitment to renewable energy is not in doubt.

Having worked with Angus, I know that this honour is absolutely and totally deserved, and it is just a pity that some other politicians still treat the Comhairle as a nuisance to be avoided and ignored, rather than to be worked with.

Angus Campbell
The winner


Anonymous said...

Keep up Angus is the Leader.
And where are our other elected voices? Certainly not being noticed or honoured by their Peers.

Anonymous said...

maybe he'd be at bit greener and less podgy if he walked to the council offices rather than drove from his garage

Anonymous said...

Come On

This little man just wants to flog fuel to the developers

Anonymous said...

Aye,sponsored by npower renewables

Anonymous said...

The turbine club rewarding one of its own disciples is more accurate a report Angus.

Anonymous said...

The Self Appreciation Society at it again wasting time, money....and energy on Mr Toady.

I take it you are winding us up Angus? The fact that his 'vehicle' is parked outside the council office means nothing at all. Lots of cars are outside the council offices but this is no indication whatsoever of 'hard work'. Pull the other one, its got bells on. If he was committed to renewable energy he would abandon his over priced filling stations.

This little investiture fools no one and if this is anyone's idea of 'Best Politician' then we are in a very sorry state indeed.

Anonymous said...

As strategic leader, of the council we only have to look at our current predicament, to see what a crap little imposter Campbell really is.