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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ministry of Censorship

Culture Secretary, Andy Burnham (who???), has floated the idea of some kind of ratings scheme for the web to avoid children being exposed to 'harmful and offensive content'.

Andy Burnham MPAn MP has a thought........

Obviously, you have to have your brain removed to become Culture Secretary, and be prepared to pander to the lowest common denominator in the hope of engendering some good headlines, whilst proposing something that is unworkable.

The way try to stop children being exposed to 'harmful and offensive content' is for parents to be involved with their children and to put access controls onto the computer.

Anything else is bollocks.

Oops, there is some 'harmful and offensive content', but as this blog is hosted in the USA, I don't see why (or how) any UK rating control could be applied, and the support of the Americans - who hold dear this 'free speech' idea - seems unlikely in the extreme.

Next: just who is going to review and rate the web sites? It would take a lifetime to review and rate a fraction of the existing UK web pages, and assuming that every change will need to be reviewed - in case I link this web address to Al-Queda and my PG rating should change to 18.

Even my work website will have to be checked, just in case I surreptitiously create a dodgy sub domain involving dwarves, lycra-clad elephants and mud-wrestling: even if I am actually just correcting a typo.

So it is unworkable. Unless, the plan is to block access to all websites that haven't been approved. So even if I move to a web host in Ukraine, they Government can ensure that you cannot see it.

And perhaps that is the ultimate plan. Unless I submit to vetting, you won't be able to read "Andy Burham MP is a tosser".

It works in China. Which is a hell of a worrying example to aim to replicate.

Personally, I find the BNP website full of 'harmful and offensive content' that I would not want my children to see until they are intellectually developed enough to understand the politics of these views* but, like Voltaire, I will defend their right to say what they want.

It is hugely depressing to see an imbecile in charge of the internet in the UK, and I predict that the US will tell him where to stick his ratings idea.

* insert own joke here about the IQ of 12 year-olds and the IQ of the entire BNP membership


Anonymous said...

Little Johnny returns from school and says he got an F in arithmetic.
"Why?" asks the father.
"The teacher asked 'How much is 2x3?' and I said '6'"
"But that's right!"
"Then she asked me 'How much is 3x2?'"
"What's the fucking difference?"
"That's exactly what I said!"

Yes,Andy Burham really is a first class tosser,and he looks like one too.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with political jokes is they get elected.

Anonymous said...

7.59 We should know we've got two! Boom Boom!!

dmarks said...

It works in mainland China. I guess they set the standard now?