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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SNP Windfarm policy

Anyone know just what the SNP policy on wind farms is???

The MP and MSP opposed all wind farms and then grudgingly supported community schemes.

The SNP Government are highly supportive of wind power, and trumpet every new windfarm.

The (past and present) SNP Councillors on Comhairle nan Eilean Siar support wind farms, as the statement from Cllr Annie makes clear....
“We in the SNP Group are convinced that there is a massive future for the Outer Hebrides in the development of the renewables industry and also optimistic that the Scottish Government shares that positive vision for the Islands.”
Either the MP and MSP are out of step with everyone else, or Annie is sticking up two fingers at them.

The SNP seem to be completely lost when it comes to forming a coherent policy on renewables.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Annie, Barra Donnie, or wee Phil are in tune with SNP nationally.

Annie for one supports the Pairc Windfarm (she told me so herself)and Wee Phil does not.

No one knows what our MP and MSP are saying as they duck the issue. The later came to a meeting in Gravir and in theory listened but has expressed nothing about it since. Not helpful.

What is the Labour stance on the Pairc windfarm and Interconnector? Anyone know?

LazyChicken said...

What is the Labour stance on the Pairc windfarm and Interconnector? Anyone know?

Who? Are they still in existence on the islands? Anyone seen MacSween?

Anonymous said...

no Macsween since he had his TV shave

Anonymous said...

SNP policy on windfarms? Can summed up in one word: "opportunism". The Beach Bouy and the Barra Bhoy are discovering that being in government is not the grand old laugh that they used to think it would be. Cllr Annie Macdonald and her colleagues, across the poltical spectrum have rightly focussed on what will benefit the islands and not pandered to the vocal antis. Well done Annie - at least she's doing her bit while her esteemed parliamentarians are pissing in the wind.

Anonymous said...

Must say Annie would get my vote if someone would deselect Tin Tin Allan