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The truths they don't want you to read....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Castlebay School

And still the problems mount up.

I was told last week about another subject where exam results were very, very, much less than satisfactory. 

It surely cannot be true that the prelim results in music were so bad, that the school have decided to claim that none of the pupils actually sat the exam. 

I understand why they have done so - because a very poor mark won't help any children with borderline results in the final exam.

But, was is the root cause of the succession of educational failures in this school?  And what is being done to resolve them?

It could be your kids next, in another school, and I am sure that you would want the Comhairle to urgently take serious action.... 


Anonymous said...

I wonder what you are suggesting by "It could be your kids next, in another school, and I am sure that you would want the Comhairle to urgently take serious action...."

Many, many parents have complained about certain teachers in the Nicolson and the poor exam results in certain subjects....and nothing has been done. Our education department has their priorities all wrong and it is about time they got their heads out of the sand and do what they are paid to do...and that is to ensure that ALL children get the best education possible.

Anonymous said...

If it was my kids in Castlebay Secondary, I'd be, sadly, asking the council to put them in boarding school. Despite all the problems that brings.

Anonymous said...


Don't get me started on the Nicolson or Angus may not have any room left for other comments!

To make up for lost teaching and poor results, my child (if it goes ahead) is going to have to attend the school during the first week of the Easter holidays for Chemistry and Maths tuition before the formal exams at the end of April.

I wonder if your comments are around the Chemisry provision?

Anonymous said...

Er, wouldn't lying about people taking exams be unlawful (fraud - misrepresenting the state of the school).

If I was a parent there I think I would be complaining to the inspectors about this - as heads could roll.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 9.26 saying the education department has their priorities wrong. I wish they would look at the spending in certain offices in the education department to see where real money is getting wasted. They are keeping people in jobs who do nothing or at the most very little, i think they need to consider that any wastage should not be allowed.

Anonymous said...

re 9.26 the Nicolson only pays lip service to after school tuition. Despite staying after school, the kids usually find that their teachers can't be bothered to turn up for after school classes.
Both the Maths and English Departments are a disaster. One teacher in a credit Maths class, was overheard at a parents evening, boasting that half his class were now only doing general exams, he seemed proud of his achievement!!