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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Legal advice and the gritting contracts

I am very reliably informed that the Council officers got legal advice before deciding not to award the gritting tender to the lowest tender by Sovals.

The legal advice told them that what they were doing is correct and proper.

We all know of £250,000 reasons for this contractor alone just why that advice was wrong.

But can it really be true that the advice was given by none other than the then recently appointed Chief Executive?


Anonymous said...

Supprise,supprise,thats not the first thing that he,s got wrong is IT??

Unknown said...

What great news! If the council had taken legal advice which was incorrect then surely they can claim from the solicitors appropriate insurance and it won't cost the taxpayer any money!

Anonymous said...

Like anything else. You get good lawyers and you get bad lawyers. The fact simply that someone is a lawyer doesn't make them the font of all wisdom.

Anonymous said...

IF I was the person you libel I would take one of the following actions:

IF your assertation is untrue/unfounded I would sue you

IF true I would resign immediately my position being untenable

IF I would not resign the Comhairle should do what woulld happen in the real world - Sack me for gross maladministration if not negligence

Anonymous said...

The trouble with Lawyers is that there is always one with a different opinion to the one who advices you, which is why we have Litigation cases in court.
By the way, is the source of this legal advice a lawyer or a Chief exec.

Hairy McLairy said...

10.19am The Chief Exec is a lawyer.

Hearsay said...

The real question is, of course: who's got the balls to sack, discipline, hold to account ... a Chief Exec.? (Lawyer or not). Is it worth all the hassle to recover £250,000? Easier to make a one-off simple payment from "Reserves". CnES income is nearly all (93%+) money from central govt anyway! Who mentioned accountability, transparency, democracy?
Did we not at one very recent time have THREE Chief Exec's on the payroll of WIHB? Public service agencies seem to have real problems at times dealing with competency issues of public servants at the top of the ... er hierarchy (pyramid) of local councils.