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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The coming election

I believe that the time might be right for a strong independent candidate to stand at the May elections, to show that there is more to politics than just shouting 'black' or 'white'.

Specifically, I look at the poverty of thought enforced upon the two main candidates by their parties and wonder why we have to accept only the second best for the islands.

Quasi-RET is now officially good and might be here to stay, but neither party representative is shouting for the real RET of 40p per mile.

Is that poor offering really the best they want to see for the islands?  Almost certainly not, but the party system means that they aren't able or willing to show dissent.

A successful independent candidate for the islands is likely to be in the position of holding (or sharing) the balance either for the position of First Minister or for the Budget setting.  Just imagine what deals could be struck in such a febrile atmosphere.

It is not stupid to consider that the best way to see real delivery for the islands is to cast aside the party structures and put a strong independent voice into Holyrood.

The simple truth of the matter is that the Western Isles could be 'bought off' with almost all our aspirations for mere pennies from the Government coffers, if a vote depended upon it.  We are - crudely - too small to ever make a noticeable dent in the central pot, but we still have one vote.

Up to now, we've not had anyone prepared to shout as loud and as long as is necessary.

But it is not going to be me.

After some serious attempts at arm-twisting; some very smooth talking; and some serious political analysis, I have given it really serious thought.  I'm honoured to have been asked, and that some people believe that I have the skills and ability to fill such a role, and I was persuaded by many of the arguments.

But I have a wife and family, a rapidly growing business, and a multitude of clients throughout the islands and beyond who rely upon me for help, advice and support.

The options for me were very clear, and I have made my decision.

I hope, however, that someone else will rise up to speak for the islands - and not speak for the Parties at the islands - as I think there is a huge opportunity over the coming weeks to make significant change and to put the islands back into the centre of political thought.


Anonymous said...

Not sure I agree, one of the main problems with the council is the so called independants and it really would depend on a specific outcome for an independant candidate to have any power at all. Knowing our luck we would get a church candidate who would stop the ferries in exchange for a budget vote

Anonymous said...

Totally agree!!!
I've voted snp all my life (other than two elections when I was living in areas that didn't have snp candidates) Alasdair Allan was at my door last week and I told him then that if a decent independant candidate stood at this election I would be changing my vote, gone are the days when our elected representatives actually represented their constituants, eithe on a local or national level!

Anonymous said...

An interesting post Angus, and it is easy to see why a great many, like me and my family, are seriously considerating NOT voting SNP this time because it is now obvious to us that Dr. Allan puts his party first, every time. Crofting, Barra SAC, Mallaig- Lochboisdale, windfarms, the imposition of a Sunday ferry and now the lunacy of a single replacement vessel for the Muirneag and the Isle of Lewis. We will remain loyal to Angus Brendan because he is such a nice man, but I am afraid Dr. Allan comes across as uncaring and uninterested unless it is for narrow party advantage.

Anonymous said...

Do you honestly think you would get even close? Come on.

Why don't you run a poll on the home page??

Anonymous said...

Your making the right decision Angus who in there right mind would go into polictics with all the coruption and lies that go on stick to accountancy its better for you and your family One decent person will make no diference.

Domhnallbeag an t-suicear said...


If we did then and they were to win at least he/she would have been democratically elected - will of the people and all that.

Anonymous said...

If either of the parties had a decent candidate they'd have a landslide.

As it is, voter apathy will be high, the turn out will probably be low with the vote split, with any independent potentially getting 1000-1500 votes. Angus would most likely get slightly less perhaps 750 - 1250 as he has been so controversial in the past.

Stick to accountancy and blog writing - you seem to have success in both areas!

Anonymous said...

For God's sake, stop feeding Angus's ego: it's not needed. He's "honoured to have been asked ...." and "...persuaded by many of the arguments [that he should stand]" Good that there's no sin of false modesty to be tabled against him!

Please remember, here's a man who fled the ballot box as a councillor because he (rightly) judged that the electorate in Stornoway would dump him. He's managed to preen himself, on the basis of the malcontents he attracts to his blog, to the point of persuading himself he's the saviour of the Islands.

Test it: the process is simple. Your blog-fans will surely provide the deposit.

Observer said...

Anon 7:32: is that you Kenny Flip?

Anon 10:32 - Angus was outspoken in the past which is a virtue missing in most politicians these days.

Would you rather a Councillor/MP/MSP who took a view on issues, or one that vacillated to avoid making a decision?

As an aside: I think turnout will still be high, but the interesting question is who would Angus take votes from. The answer is given unwittingly by 7:32.

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for Angus.