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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, March 06, 2011

A fuel discount is coming.

Two cheers for Danny Alexander in promoting the pathetic offer of 5p of duty for all Scottish islands, and finally getting the business case to Europe.

Then he was undermined by Alan Duncan injecting a dose of realism that petrol might reach £2/litre (or in the worst case scenario £4/litre) if the Arab unrest continues.

If it currently costs me £60 to fill my car, it will cost me £58 after the discount.

By which time, if prices go the way we expect to £2/litre then even at the discounted price it will cost £85 to fill my car.

That puts it all in perspective.

Still, it makes the case for waiving all duty much easier, when you have that foot in the door.

No fuel duty would reduce the £60 to fill my car to £34.  All in favour of that option......


Anonymous said...

Was it just today that you realised this????

The noise and fuss that has been made over this 'discount' is highly confusing. It was never going to be anything more than a token gesture. 5p does not change anything. High fuel costs are here to stay. If you want to save money buy a new car that does 65mpg.

No fuel duty... sod that. The country is in the financial shit. Fuel duty or more income tax - it's a no brainer.

Dr Evadne said...

Its not just about filling up the car. What about filling up the oil or LPG tank for heating and hot water etc. I doubt that anything will be taken off of that. Might make deliveries cheaper for the supplier but these savings are never passed on to the punter. We are offered 'free' energy surveys which are worse than useless.

Anonymous said...

Evadne - they are only useless if you choose to do nothing about them - they are there to raise your awareness of just how profligate we are with our energy resources.

To benefit you might have to take some action yourself and (heaven forbid) dip into your own pocket to invest in your future.

Anonymous said...

It's OK Mr Harpic is going to sort it all out according to his letter on Heb News.

Anonymous said...

For donkey's years the difference in fuel prices was 10p a litre between Inverness and Stornoway.

For the past year it has been 15p.

In anticipation of a 5p cut and the retention of the status quo by our caring suppliers?


Anonymous said...

According to Harpo's logic, a fuel duty regulator won't cost anything and will solve everything.

For his next trick, can he tell us at what price fuel will be regulated?

He must have some idea....surely?

OK: multiple choice for the SNP

(a) 1p
(b) £1
(c) £2
(d) We'll leave the decision up to those nasty people in Westminster who never do anything for Scotland, as they are the only ones who are clever and able to work out what level is sensible.

Dr Evadne said...

Spare me the lecture. I have bought the light bulbs, turned down the thermostat, lined the roof etc. I wanted useful info about domestic renewables and efficient systems. I can work out the bleeding obvious for myself without some total stranger nosing around my house. Plus my pocket has been dipped into for the last 100 years by the taxman who wastes my money on subsidies for multi-million pound energy companies and quangos that pretend to want to lower my energy bills.
We are all being ripped off.

Anonymous said...

You have to laugh, no sooner had Mr. Harpic, the self styled Sage of Shulishader, laid down his poison pen writing to the SNP Heb News, trying to rubbish the Labour candidate's sensible suggestion of a REAL probe into the disgraceful price differential of fuel in the Islands, than Harpic's hero, non other than the McNeil of Barra is reported on the same news site calling for an OFT probe, wait for it... into the price of fuel in the Islands!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy smoke, New Moon alert on Heb News, Flashman and Harpic going orbital on fuel, with Julian Clary of South Lochs bringing up the rear. The Barra Boy is finally waking up to the fact that there is no easy solution to the fuel problem in the Western Isles. The MSP is wringing his limp wristed hands impotently on the sidelines. If Mr. Crichton keeps on raising the standard of political debate between now and the election he will get my vote for sure.

Anonymous said...

Donald please get these guys to stop it with the crass hateful remarks. Whoever is responsible is definitely losing you votes.

Anonymous said...

11.35pm, I find myself in agreement with you, the "crass hateful remarks" should be left to the clowns who litter the letters section of Heb News, an otherwise useful and popular community news site. Clearly the more militant and nasty letter writers have not heeded the call from SNP Chair Rae Mackenzie, a decent popular and experienced local politician to have a clean election campaign focussed on the issues. So back to the fuel debate.....?