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Monday, October 03, 2011

Supermarket wars

Spotted in Tesco on Friday, a member of the Board accompanied by the usual entourage of groupies, assistants and flibbertigibbets.

A very brief and very rapid tour of every single aisle was followed by a swift exit; without the need to converse with the merest of employee.

About 2 hours later the same party of suits were seen touring the Co-op in the same high speed and aloof manner; quite obviously checking out the opposition.

With rumours of a greenfield site having been identified, it seems that Tesco have big plans to challenge the Co-op.

And as is the way, the small local shops will suffer collateral damage.


Anonymous said...

It becomes interesting wrt online shopping in the Uists. Even in the winter, a Tesco van could come across to Berneray from Harris, have four hours on Berneray and North Uist, then get the ferry back.

That's probably enough time to do a dozen or so deliveries, so with the cost of the driver + petrol + ferry fare, there'd have to be a charge a lot higher than a fiver per delivery. Still logistically possible though, which is interesting.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but they will have a petrol outlet, giving similar discounts to Inverness superstore, just watch local prices at the pump tumbling. I hear heating ouli price has been reduced in advance of the Scottish Fuels Head Banana arriving on Friday!

Anonymous said...

What a crowd of Stornoway turkeys voting for Christmas! 99% of weekly shopping in Lewis and Harris is already done in Stornoway. There is no more potential demand out there. So for every additional square foot of tesco / somerfield / co-op / asda or whoever plonks themselves in Stornoway there will be a square foot less of local shops. You don't know how lucky you are in Stornoway, as you still have some local food shops. But they are not making fortunes. And at least one has closed recently, leaving another empty shop in Stornoway.

Take a look at Fort William- ten empty shops at the last count. Is that what you want for the town?