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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

How not to do politics

Politicians are supposed to take decisions and take reponsibility for these decisions.

The alternatives are to prevaricate and to try to avoid taking any decisions until there are no options left, by letting the options expire.

Tony Blair has supported Kyoto and green energy with a vague generality of interest and a tiny modicum of effort. He has fervently tried to appear to do something (anything?) whilst avoiding any real decisions.

Now he flaunts his "green" credentials by claiming that nuclear is the only viable alternative. The sole justification is a failed energy policy caused by Government intransigence.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Stornoway Harbour

We held a highly successful meeting on the issue of tidying Stornoway Harbour, with money coming from the Comhairle, Stornoway Port Authority and KIMO. It wouldn't work without the support of the fishermen, and they are fully on board.

Our next task is to merge the cleaning of the seaborne litter brought up by fishermen with the cleansing around the inner harbour.

This has long been an important task, as far as I was concerned, andI am cglad that it is finally taking shape. I'm looking forward to seeing the improvements, with bags for boats to collect the rubbish and skips to collect these bags. this is an excellent example of the various parties working together to achieve something much better.

The Stornoway Trust need a good prodding to get them on board as well.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What we are up against

This article about wind power neatly sums up what Shetland are trying to achieve.

The big question is, "Why are they for this, and why are we against it?"

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A better wind turbine??

According to reports, there is a bigger and better wind turbine available.

If this is the case, will this impact on the proposed development in Lewis?

Will the developers want fewer turbines, or will we just produce more power and more revenue for the community?

Nuclear waste

The transportation of nuclear waste has been an issue of particular concern to the Western Isles, and now there is proposed transportation of MOx using a converted ferry via the Minches.

KIMO are opposing this, and I will be attending the Council of Ministers next year to lobby the Swedes to refuse to accept this cargo.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Alasdair Morrison

I have sent the following letter to our esteemed MSP. The contents of the original letter remain confidential -- at present.

Dear Alasdair

I refer to your letter of 12 October 2005 to Councillor Murdo MacLeod.

Despite being formally briefed by a very senior officer of the Comhairle about the
process that was to be followed, you have twisted this in an attempt to make cheap
and nasty political capital on the back of child abuse.

I did not believe that there was a level lower than the gutter, but your actions have
proved otherwise.

I would strongly suggest that you make an unequivocal apology for the unjustified
attack on Councillor MacLeod.

I am treating your comments about me as transparent puerile nonsense.

Yours sincerely