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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kallin Harbour

Kallin harbourAs everyone who has been to this harbour knows, it is a great success story, and the demand from fishermen far exceeds the capacity of the facility. Far from being under-specified at the beginning, it was a classic case of "Built it and they will come".

It need expansion a long time ago, but funding, design and demand issues all delayed the project, and at one stage it looked like not going ahead, ever.

Working with the Estate, the Comhairle and the fishermen, the Committee did a marvellous job in driving this project forward.

It nearly got dropped from the capital programme last year, but pressure from Donald MacLean and Archie Campbell meant that it remained. I spoke strongly for the project, as I know from my clients (an interest I declared) just how vital it is for the east side of the Uists.

The photo shows one of the three huge concrete boxes that is being brought across and dropped into place this week. When all three arrive and are fitted together, I am sure that this will be a huge improvement to the harbour.

I look forward to seeing the finished pier, and congratulations to all involved.


Anonymous said...

and that box in the picture could have been a swimming pool in Daliburgh.
Thanks Ronnie

Anonymous said...

its easy to see that this is a Lewis biased forum. Not one response to thie first comment