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The truths they don't want you to read....

Monday, January 31, 2011


BBC News are reporting that the Egyptian Army will not shoot demonstrators, which signals the end of the regime.

As one of our "strongest allies", it has cut communication such as mobile phones and the internet, and imprisoned journalists to stop the facts being made available to the public.

"By your friends shall you know them".  So the sooner we see the end of "our" "friendly" dictatorships the better.


Anonymous said...

Lets not forget that Saddam Hussain used to be "one of our friends". Boy do we keep some dodgy company.

Oh, and I see crude has gone over $100 because of the Suez Canal passing through Egypt. Only 5% goes that way and the canal is still open for traffic. Funny that. Bet it never comes down again when the troubles in Egypt are history. Funny that too.

Anonymous said...

Be careful for what you wish for! Often, a quick regime change leaves a power vacuum which is exploited by extremists. Do not be surprised if fundamentalism raises its ugly head with the obvious consequences for Egypt's neighbour.

Anonymous said...

Be very afraid!

Anonymous said...

Maybe our other "friendly dictators" should watch their backs. Since the UK and the US protect the Al Saud family, I guess such protests would not happen there...... or could they? what a pickle we would be in then. No one in Saudi to buy our Military goods with back handers from the UK, no more US military bases in the country. The oil revenue being horded by the Al Saud family and not dispersed back in the country. As for Egypts neighbours, time to stop being protected by the US. Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

Two general observations. There is a belief in the West that democracy is always better, however some societies are unable to maintain democracy without resorting to tribalism and bloodshed. Should we march down the 'democracy at all cost route' without really caring or making an effort to understand the consequences?

Secondly for 11:51AM. You might want to spend a bit more time in the suk's to get an understanding of they mindset of our sandy toed friends. There is a belief in the UK and certainly in the Western Isles that anything that happens out there will have no consequences here. Wrong, the potential for truly global war is immense, even a small thermonuclear device detonated in the middle East will have huge ramifications for trade, oil and also the well being or lack of it for 'locals' of that area.

I suggest you spend a little time reading some of the intelligence updates that are freely available for those with a genuine interest.

Anonymous said...

King of Jordan has just sacked his government in a pre-emptive move. Protests in Yemen, Syria and Algeria, albeit on a much smaller scale than Egypt or Tunisia (and Algeria is a complete basket case country anyway).

They could have stayed in power, corrupt or not, if only they'd had a handle on food prices. But when the prices of staples and essentials more than quadruples, do they really expect the people not to riot? You gotta eat, no matter who you are...

Anyway, we'll see how much this spreads. Riots on the streets of Stornoway? On a Sunday? Anything is possible in todays world...

Anonymous said...

2:08 is right. Why are the Comhairle faced with massive cuts now? Because over a decade ago, US banks and financial institutions got lots of freedom, a model copied to an extent by UK banks. Then they started to sell mortgages to tens of millions of people who couldn't repay them, then the debts from these to each other.

Then a global domino effect of fiscal excrement begins, then yadda yadda yadda Comhairle councillors in "faraway" Stornoway realise the money they have to play with is being cut this year and more so next year, while the ex-bankers of Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs lie on beaches much warmer than those of Lewis.

Everything is connected. Everything is global. Nothing and no-one is isolated and unaffected globally, not the Western Isles, not even undiscovered tribes in the Amazon basin.

People who think they are, and act accordingly, become extinct.


Anonymous said...

Dear 2.08pm,

After spending more than a dozen years in the middle East and married to "one of our sandy toed friends", I think I know the mind set of the "everyday arab" just a little more than you!!!! As for your suggestion of nuclear war, I credit them with more intelligance even than you have!

Anonymous said...

8.09PM, With your obvious expertise in collating intelligence from this part of the world, you may wish to let us know how to deal with the rather disturbing issue of the madrassa's indoctrinating the young to the point where they think ALL Westerners are evil and the best way of dealing with this evil is to sacrifice ones own life by suicide bomb.

Oh, and for those who are not aware, its not just one or two extremist madrassa's but the majority, especially in Pakistan!
Also, as you have spent some time out East, you will be able to tell us where in the Qur'an it advises believers to carry out such acts.

Do not think that some of the Nations out there are not capable of such madness as to start a war. Just listen to the haverings of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for example, especially when he talks about Israel (not he BBCs washed down translations, look elsewhere).

Anonymous said...

Dear 7.25,

You should be a politician or are you an observer of the American neo conservatism school of thought. With your tarring all with the same brush routine, scare mongering and living with the thought of "fear", perhaps that's what drives you in your everyday life, just waiting for that inevitable attack so you can blame Muslims. How do you manage everyday life when you are carrying around all this baggage, you must be exhausted!

Talking of Holy books, look no further than our Old Testiment, full of brimstone and fire, hatred and fear. Something akin to some of the preachings in some of our very own churches in the UK and quite close.

Anonymous said...

12:35Pm, rather than avoiding the issue perhaps you could answer the questions raised by my last post, since you have 'more than a dozen years experience of Islamic culture.

I am neither a politician or a follower of the looney right of America, I do however have some experience of working within Islamic systems. Now, whilst you are right, in my opinion, to condemn the Christian rabble rouser’s you are also doing what you condemn me for: tarring all with the same brush.

To use Afghanistan as an example of the way Islam can be interpreted by some; Look outside Kabul and see how Sharia law is enforced. Rural Afghanistan is in an eight century time warp, with justice being enacted by individual Mullah's. This results in such justice as the stoning last August of a couple who had eloped (its in the public domain). Whilst stoning is mentioned in the Old Testament, I cannot remember when it was last carried out in the UK, can you?

Ultimately, Arabic culture (as a pose to Islamic culture) has huge issues with 'face and the losing of face'. This is what has the potential to cause problems for both Israel and the West in general. As I know that you have your own opinions on this matter, I will not say more, إن شاء الله

Anonymous said...

Dear 2.49pm,

So, by all accounts (your reckoning is that) all other cultures be that Islamic, or not, if they do not conform to your way of thinking, logically or morally, then they must be wrong and therefore diguarded in favour of an imposed "Western way" of doing things. Good luck there!

Just take a good look at the West's blessed culture and moral values, I for one would not like to inflict it on any other cultures. Drunken girls vomiting on the streets in virtually no clothes? Pub brawls every night of the week? Gang culture ruling our housing estates? Just to mention a few.

Oh what a proud nation we must be.

"I will not say more ......." your Arabic does not impress me.

Anonymous said...

This topic has now degenerated to this.

Anonymous said...

Re 6.12 Four Lions is much funnier than this thread.