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Saturday, July 02, 2011

COSLA unConvention

It's almost too easy to abuse the Council, and it is very easy to find reasons to dole out that abuse, but sometimes you have to genuinely applaud the successes.

The COSLA Convention is a case in point.

Whilst it might seem to many like a series of all-expenses away-days in exotic locations like Hamilton and Kirkcaldy, these meetings are a necessary evil in building a consensus in local Government politics.

Many will complain about the hire of An Lanntair for the day; the travel expenses; the dinner in Breasclete with dancers (no not that sort!!!) and music; but I take the view that it is money broadly well spent.

Yes, it could all be done more cheaply, but if you want to show the great and the good what the islands look lie and get their understanding of the issues, then you have to splash the cash.  That many of the issues discussed bore little or no relation to the islands is irrelevant, it is about calling in the factors and the understanding of the local situation when needs must.  "Softly, softly, chatchee monkey...."

The sight of the Councillor suits walking around town last Friday morning was quite enlightening as they nursed hangovers (practicing for that night) and as they tried to remember if they were in Stranraer or Stornoway.

Anyway, my off-island sources tell me that it has raised the profile of the islands in a positive light, which can only be a good thing.

One attendee was so taken by the islands that he began impromptu Gaelic lessons on Friday with a local linguist which continued back in the hotel and late into the night.  Indeed, the lessons kept his neighbours awake late into the night, and early in the morning, but seemed to be highly successful as far as both parties were concerned.

Thankfully his plane was the last flight out, which allowed time to have an urgent refresher course.

I know the hotel; I know the Council concerned; but help with the name should be sent to my private email address.

For legal reasons, names of real Councillors posted as comments will obviously be deleted.  Unless they are so humorous/ludicrous as to pass the usual sanity checks.


Anonymous said...

I hear when they were learnng place names he got stuck on Uganda, nothing more. Uganda.You ghannnnndaaaa. They were merely overcome with joy when he finally nailed it.

Anonymous said...

These people are not "great" or "good".
This blog is losing its edge.
COSLA is irrelevant,it exists to further inflate the ego's of, already pompous, councilors.
I am surprised you would encourage an unaccountable self interest group.

Anonymous said...

What we want to know is: "Who is our own cunning linguist?" :-)

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