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Monday, January 19, 2009

Central Heating

Stewart Maxwell (right, and please don't scream) has turned up to officially open a Sport Centre that has been open for five years (not Sundays) and to promise to do something about Central heating for pensioners.

As he promised in 2007, all pensioners would have the central heating installed within a few months, as he was working closely with Scottish (i.e. British) Gas to make sure it was delivered shortly.

He gave the same pledge in 2008 when the targets were missed.

Now we get the same promises and same fawning supporting comments from Tintin.

Any chance of actual delivery, not just waffle about delivery?


Anonymous said...

I have never heard of this person before. Why would the 'sports' minister have anything to do with Central Heating for Pensioners or is this to be a new Olympic event? One way of keeping warm I guess.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Evadne, he is the minister for Communities and Sport.
By the way, you can't blame the minister for opening the Sports Centre 5 years late - he only accepted an invitation from the Comhairle to do it.