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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Salmon summit

Too late.

I am told that the factory in Marybank has been stripped of all the equipment, which has been shipped to Cairndow in Argyll.

I know that the Comhairle have contacted some people in the sector about the possibility of holding such a summit. Does anyone know what progress this is making?

More interestingly, has anyone got any knowledge of any involvement of the MP or MSP in this matter? Has anyone got any detail about any correspondence they might have had with the Enterprise Minister?

My sources say that, beyond issuing a press release, their involvement has been non-existent, but surely that can't be true. Can it?


Anonymous said...

Strange things happen under the cover of darkness...... curious, was it not, that this is the equipment that was deemed to be useless and out of date when Lighthouse Caledonia were bleating for more public money to upgrade Marybank a few weeks ago.

One can only assume that LC have a cunning plan and that the modern production facility in Cairndow will now be reduced to Hebridean standards.

Yet another one way ticket sold by Cal Mac.

Anonymous said...

Sod the salmon summit, MacNeil was too busy delaing with important things like welcoming the publication of a Gaelic Dictionary to worry about mere constituents.

Anonymous said...

Gaelic dictionary...pah! What about the lack of mobile phone coverage. He is also very concerned about the price of eggs.

Anonymous said...

Now now you know they they cannot upset Jim Mather or Shrek. So was Shrek telling porkies in parliament.
I think so.

Anonymous said...

4:31 PM : there is a nice man in Borve also concerned about the price of eggs - or has he gone now?