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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How politics works (part 99)

In Parliament yesterday, our MP said....
Does the hon. Gentleman share my concern about the Government bailing out banks when we subsequently read reports of the very same banks writing off loans to Russian oligarchs in the region of £2 billion to £3 billion? Does he think that that is a wise use of taxpayers' money?
Compare this to how Alex Salmond saw the situation in October...

First Minister Alex Salmond has welcomed the £50bn rescue plan for UK banks as a "very substantial" set of measures.

But Mr Salmond said more action was needed and he called for "more assurance" for depositors.

He also criticised "leaks and rumours" surrounding a fall in the Royal Bank of Scotland's share price on Tuesday.

And later he added...

First, Scotland has outstanding financial institutions that are pursuing their business through the economic downturn and the financial crisis, and they are doing so exceptionally well.

Thank goodness they weren't dodgy banks lending money like water to Russian oligarchs or we would all be up shit creek.

Just as well we didn't listen the 'leaks and rumours' in October or we could all have made a big mistake and sold our shares at 180p rather than see the price in such a fine, robust, financial basketcase drop to 11p.

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