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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's my quango......

Oh dear!

First Minister Alex Salmond tried to block an ex-Labour MSP becoming boss of a Gaelic TV quango, it has emerged.

He told officials to "recommend against" Alasdair Morrison becoming chairman of MG Alba, who run the BBC's Gaelic digital channel[...]

An aide to the First Minister said: "We felt it was important that the chairman should be seen to be objective. We raised doubts about whether Alasdair Morrison could be entirely impartial."

It all smacks of rather pathetic petty party politics, especially on an isue that you have no say over.


Anonymous said...

If Shrek has any common decency he should stand up and accept he was wrong. Also he should congratulate Alasdair Morrison on what a superb job they have made of BBC Alba.

p.s. I wonder what he would have said if Dr A.L.Gillies had been offered the post.

Anonymous said...

It is disgraceful that someone who was a Labour MSP and Minister should be appointed as the chairman of a broadcasting organisation and who was the chair of the local CLP at the time of the appointment. No one with ANY such party political links should be allowed to take up that sort of position with a broadcasting organisation.

Anonymous said...

so.. they're not allowed to vote?

Laudrup said...

Anon 2.41

Most entertaining comment I have read in ages, keep up the good work!