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The truths they don't want you to read....

Saturday, February 21, 2009


National Health Service - NHSIt's never particularly nice having to spend two days and nights in the childrens' ward (nothing serious, since you ask), but it does serve to remind one that each organisation is the sum of all its parts.

Despite the best efforts of Management to cock things up, the wards continue to run smoothly. An excellent service continues to be delivered by the front-line staff, often in unpleasant, messy conditions; certainly for much less than they should be paid; and with kind words, care, consideration and an attitude that is often missing elsewhere in the public sector.

Perhaps that attitude is lost as promotion is gained?

Many thanks to all concerned for their professionalism, attentive care and helpfulness.


Anonymous said...


I am pleased that the words ran smoothly during your child's stay.
Perhaps you can tell us if the wards also ran smoothly?

Had it been anything serious your child would have been transported off island to Raigmore or Glasgow.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think it was not off island?

Anonymous said...

Yes, management do still manage to cock things up behind the scenes. Maybe if we had full time consultants instead of a run of locums who are only up here for the fantastic rates then we would not need to send so many people away. The Board made lots of promises at the last public meeting about providing permanent doctors but so far.......nothing! Its about time the Health Board were honest with the people of the Western Isles instead of treating us like idiots.

Anonymous said...

9:23 pm Most hospitals use Locums. If people go to Raigmore, Glasgow or any other NHS Hospital there will be locums employed. The only difference is that here we know who the locums are.
The H/B is not treating the population as idiots. The reason why locums (allegedly) get good rates is the same reason why the employment of permanent consultants is difficult. i.e. they do not want to come here as it can be viewed as virtual career suicide.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if the board advertised full-time medical posts rather than short term ones then they would be able to recruit suitable candidates Im sure the (allegedly) well paid locum posts seem more appealling than a permanent position to many, especially when you get accommodation and cars provided and paid for as well. The board seem to have no problems recruiting yet more managers to the Health Board, many of whom commute to and from the mainland instead of buying a home here. If thats not idiotic then what is?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the vacancies section of the local rag this week? Wow, Im sure these management posts will make a huge difference to patient care!!!

Anonymous said...

7:00 wrote "...board seem to have no problems recruiting yet more managers to the Health Board, many of whom commute to and from the mainland instead of buying a home here. If thats not idiotic then what is?"

Come on 7:00 How many managers live off the island? Name the many or shut up. It is this consistent load of drivel being vented which causes some of the issues. If a manager or doctor choose to live off island then it is up to them. If they are doing their job and paying for their own flights then it is of no issue to any one else.

Anonymous said...

3:09, are they doing their jobs? If they are then why is the WIHB be in such a mess? How much a year do the Board spend on non-patient travel? I think its the public that have to listen to the consistent drivel that spews from our Health Board. Maybe yet another public meeting will answer some questions, then again, probably not.